The Jazz Butcher Conspirators Felix Ray
Felix Ray
Felix Ray has 10 album credits
Angels .. Distressed Gentlefolk .. Draining The Glass 1982 - 86 .. Hamburg .. Hard .. The Human Jungle .. May I .. Bloody Nonsense .. Sex And Travel .. Unconditional
Years Active
Active: 1985-1986 (click to explore)
Felix Ray
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Role: Bass

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  • Hello from Sister Jenny
    Jennifer.Kraus[at] - Sister Jenny
    8Jul2009 10:01 PM (7 years 325 days ago)
    Hi Felix,

    I met you more than 20 years ago and thanks to the internet just enjoyed a great preformance again from yourself and the Butchers.

    Best wishes and take care.
    Sister Jenny from Guelph Ont.

    P.S. I still have your autograph! Don't worry, nothing vulgar!
  • Bristol tropic 1985
    jerry.piggott[at] - Jerry Bristol
    22Dec2008 9:38 AM (8 years 158 days ago)
    I recall really enjoying this, and the bassist had his back to the audience the whole time - was this normal for him?
  • From Felix
    7Oct2004 7:20 AM (12 years 236 days ago)
    It was bloody good fun.....