The Jazz Butcher Conspirators Laurence O'Keefe
Laurence O'Keefe
Laurence O'Keefe has 12 album credits
Condition Blue .. Edward's Closet .. Cult Of The Basement .. Fishcotheque .. Girl-Go .. The Jazz Butcher's Free Lunch .. New Invention .. Big Planet, Scarey Planet .. Spooky .. Spooky (single) .. Unconditional .. ¡Excellent! The Violent Years
Years Active
Active: 1987-1990 (click to explore)
Laurence O'Keefe
[image] [image] (Laurence on left)

Role: Bass, Guitar
Resides: In London, England

Other Projects
Bass for Levitation
The Butcher Says..
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  • Heads up
    jerome[at] - Jerome in Louisville
    30Oct2007 4:49 PM (9 years 273 days ago)
    I can't find the webmaster's contact info., so I suppose I will paste this here:

    Two things. For some reason, HTDB is not allowing links to this site.

    I copy and paste this:¬rre.html

    in an email; but when the recipient clicks on it, they go here:

    Also I think Vinyl Japan’s website is dead.
  • dark star help
    ambient1962[at] - jmd
    30Oct2007 9:36 AM (9 years 274 days ago)
    can anyone help me get the 2nd ds lp zurich?

  • dark star "ZURICH"
    donnymarnock[at] - irvine, scotland ka11 1dt
    23Jun2004 4:17 PM (13 years 37 days ago)
    please please can anyone get me a copy of second dark star lp on cd!!!!
    also any videos


    can anybody help.

  • dark star zurich
    fireflies[at] - dublin, ireland
    11Feb2004 3:25 AM (13 years 171 days ago)
    hi adam,

    could you contact me at fireflies[at]
    about maybe doing a trade for dark star's
    apparently titled zurich please? cheers,

  • Dark Star
    vrresto[at] - Adam - Chicago Illinois
    6Jan2004 12:55 PM (13 years 206 days ago)
    I have the 2nd Dark Star album on CD, it is labeled "Zurich" but I have never been clear as to whether or not that was the intended title... get in touch with me if you want to set up a trade (I also have a few live sets and the full Box Set broadcast, some old Ring stuff, etc.)