The Jazz Butcher Conspirators Pat Fish
Years Active
Active: 1982-2017
Patrick Fish: His birthday is the 20th of December. Educated: Allegedly, he studied Philosophy at Oxford, he mentions it here..
Role: Voice, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Saxophone, Flute, Xylophone, Rubber Animals, Programming..
He is the only constant in the revolving door that is known as The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy. Except for a few cases, Pat has been the sole songwriter for the group.
Resides: In Northampton, England with a black leopard called Raoul.

He has worked with a number of musicians, collaborating and performing on their recordings. His own side projects include The Black Eg, Stranger Tractors, Sumosonic, and Wilson.

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In 34 years, he has brought a dozen full-length records into the world.
Other Projects
The Black Eg
The Butcher Says..
Letters From Pat (1990 - 1994)
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  • A patronizing letter
    rossisalways[at] - Ross Smith Vancouver
    26Jul2016 7:31 PM (243 days 23 hours ago)
    The JAZZ BUTCHER. I absolutely love this band. I put a Jazz Butcher conspiracy album (yes vinyl) a least once a month on my pricey stereo, and have been doing so since 1987. This is what music is supposed to be. I prefer this band over Pink Floyd.
    I remember just missing out to see them live and the next day an ex girlfriend of mine phones me, says she got to see the gig and then partied (Victoria B.C.) with the band. She said these Brits were brilliant to talk to. She also said they got sick and tired of her boyfriend and kicked him out.
    The originality of this band and the awesome lyrics I have always enjoyed for almost 30 years, and never get tired of it. I'm so glad the albums were recorded and mixed well. When put Distressed gentle folk on the turntable and hear that guitar open up on "Falling in love" I get goosebumps. It's my natural air conditioning on a hot day.
    Cheers to the band who stamped the musical soundtrack to my 80's life.
  • Brighton gig
    Gert.thomas[at] - Gert South Wales
    30Jul2014 12:52 AM (2 years 241 days ago)
    Hi Pat, sort of been a Butcherite since the early 80s still have my vinyl copy of Gift . I think I heard you on Radio 1 possibly Janice long but it was one of those moments when the dj name checked the band and my mental note actually worked. ... But even though I have most of your tunes in my collection never actually made to a gig. I did once interview you for a radio show on Radio Wales and confessed to smashing a copy of compilation of yours I bought in Toronto 86. It was booze fuelled madness and possibly some other stuff going on too and nothing to do with the music . You played a couple of songs down the line. Soul Happy Hour one of them .Anyway I'm going to get off my arse and make the trip to Brighton .
  • bob
    fisheh[at] - pat
    4Nov2010 7:11 AM (6 years 145 days ago)
    Hi Bob, I remember you, sir. I'm pretty much the same as ever. To be honest, I can't see me making it to Saskatoon any time soon...but you never know. That much I have learned. All best, Pat x
  • long time no see
    redbeardbob[at] - Bob Rudachyk, Saskatoon
    3Nov2010 2:38 PM (6 years 146 days ago)
    Hi Pat

    Long time no see. It's Bob Rudachyk, we hooked up a few times after your concerts in Saskatoon and Vancouver. Just wondering what you have been up to and if you are coming back to Saskatoon any time.
  • school days
    simontowers[at] - Simon Towers, Northants
    25Sep2009 12:47 PM (7 years 185 days ago)
    Hi Pat,
    I remember you used to live in Shutlanger (was it)? I think I came to play and was stung by a wasp. You used to write for the magazine at GH, Acta Antiqua? You did a series of science fiction stories about crocodilians, Krok and Jkarta or some such names???
    Any how if I hadn't looked at the Jazz Butcher on Spotify I would never have realised that you were the Pat H. whose friend I was back at GH??