The Jazz Butcher Conspirators Paul Mulreany
Years Active
Active: 1987-1990, 1993-1994 (click to explore)
[image] [image] [image] (Paul on right)
Role: Drummer, Voice, Guitar, Bass
Resides: In London, England
Credits On
Condition Blue .. Edward's Closet .. Cult Of The Basement .. Girl-Go .. New Invention .. Big Planet, Scarey Planet .. Spooky .. Unconditional .. ¡Excellent! The Violent Years .. The Jazz Butcher's Free Lunch
Other Projects
Drummer for the The Blue Aeroplanes
The Butcher Says..
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  • How to contact Paul
    ballisticwax[at] - John Middleton, Adelaide
    29Nov2009 8:17 PM (7 years 120 days ago)
    Paul and I were great mates when we were in our early teens. I'd love to have a catch up. If you read this, Paul, drop me a line - ballisticwax[at]
  • Paul Mulreany
    Sadie[at] - Sadie
    14Mar2006 3:56 AM (11 years 17 days ago)
    Paul is my cousin and emigrated to Oz Christmas 2005.
  • paul mulreany
    19Mar2005 2:02 PM (12 years 11 days ago)
    Fiona or anyone knows what happened to paul mulreany? Is he really in demolition work?

    thanks anna
  • :o)
    3Nov2004 2:29 PM (12 years 147 days ago)
    Fiona please give me right email address Paul.
  • pauls details
    jazz butcher - paul mulreany
    27Aug2004 1:59 AM (12 years 216 days ago)
    fiona you wanted details about paul
    contact me patrick mulreany perth australia
    mulreany[at] 27/8/04