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Peter Crouch
Peter Crouch has 8 album credits
Condition Blue .. Waiting For The Love Bus .. Western Family .. The Jazz Butcher's Free Lunch .. Rotten Soul .. Unconditional .. VA: Abus Dangereux #21 .. ¡Excellent! The Violent Years
Years Active
Active: 1991-1993, 2002 (click to explore)
Peter Crouch

Role: Guitar

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  • John 6:68
    mrnonny[at] - Mr Nonny
    12Oct2010 1:04 PM (6 years 290 days ago)
    Lord, to whom shall we go?

    Well, I for one will go to Peter, and once he's collected his coat and put his espadrilles on, we shall go to the pub.
  • Crouchy
    upyerbum[at] - El Carnicero
    11Jun2009 3:47 PM (8 years 48 days ago)
    Could be Tehran, could be Lagos. Could be skulking in the galley drinking all the vodka to which you thought your flight ticket entitled you.
  • Where's Peter
    meljay1102[at] - Jason L
    11Jun2009 10:40 AM (8 years 48 days ago)
    Where is Peter Crouch today?
  • Straw Peter
    17Sep2004 1:36 PM (12 years 316 days ago)
    Peter is one of the most sensual guitarists I have ever heard, man, he rocks! He is also a beautiful human being. May he please your lordships.