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The Blood on the Cats video compilation (by an English company called Jettisoundz) featured a video of "JB Meets Count Dracula" made in my living room at a total cost to the band of 50p. (for blood red plastic bin liners). The best bits (where Dave J ties the Goth chick to the chair) got left out, but it's still quite a laugh, and features Fantastic Orange Cat Sterling.
Credit: Pat (Monday, 10th of January 2000 - 17 years 113 days ago)

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2017-04-27 The Thunderbolt, Totterdown, Bristol England
Black Raoul - Quality People
2017-04-15 The Lexington, London England
Mr. Odd
2015-09-22 The MOTH Club, London England
Black Raoul - Soul Happy Hour
2015-08-29 , Northampton England
Tombé dans les pommes
2015-06-28 Chez Geronimo, Bordeaux France
Tombé dans les pommes - Black Raoul - Animals - Solar Core
2015-04-17 16 Toneladas, Valencia Spain
Shirley Maclaine
2015-04-17 Amsterdam Records, Valencia Spain
Tombé dans les pommes, Partytime, Take The Skinheads Bowling, Black Raoul
2015-03-27 The Playhouse Theatre, Northampton England
2015-01-11 The Windmill, Brixton, London England
Dunkin' Beigels - Black Raoul - Animals
2014-11-13 Hat Bar, Madrid Spain
Mr. Odd
2014-11-12 RTVE - Radio Televisión Española - Radio 3 with Julio Ruiz, Madrid Spain
The Interview - Melanie Hargreaves' Father's Jaguar - Melanie Hargreaves' Father's Jaguar
2014-10-24 Zoo Yoyogi, Tokyo Japan
Last of the Gentleman Adventurers
2014-08-20 NN Cafe, Northampton England
Who Loves You Now? - Animals - Shame About You - Shame About You - Tombé dans les pommes - All The Saints - Mercy - Mercy - Black Raoul - Shakey - Partytime - D.R.I.N.K. - Shirley Maclaine
2014-06-27 The Lamplighter, Northampton England
Neighbour, Neighbour - Quality People - Gloria - Dunkin' Beigels
2013-12-12 The Musician, Leicester England
Southern Mark Smith
2013-10-10 The James Street Tavern, Oxford England
Singing A Song In The Morning
2013-06-17 The Cake Shop, New York USA
The Entire Performance - Girlfriend - Big Saturday - Who Loves You Now? - Who Loves You Now? - Holiday - Soul Happy Hour - Mercy - Southern Mark Smith - Baby, It's You - Girlfriend - Just Like Bettie Page - Shame About You - Animals - Last of the Gentleman Adventurers - Tombé dans les Pommes - Black Raoul - Shakey - Partytime - Partytime - Shirley MacLaine
2013-06-15 Spike Hill, Brooklyn USA
Just Like Bettie Page
2013-06-13 The Labour Club, Northampton England
Last of the Gentleman Adventurers - Tombé dans les Pommes - Black Raoul - Southern Mark Smith
2013-02-15 Schauspielhaus Dortmund (Institut), Dortmund Germany
Animals - Partytime - Roadrunner
2012-08-24 Private Party, England
Last of the Gentleman Adventurers - Animals - Mr. Odd - Wildlife - Quality People - Love Kittens - Southern Mark Smith - Vienna Song
2012-05-26 The Labour Club, Northampton England
Last of the Gentleman Adventurers
2012-05-07 The Wheelbarrow, London England
Shirley Maclaine - Southern Mark Smith
2012-03-06 The Constitution, Camden Town, London England
Only A Rumour - President Reagan's Birthday Present
2011-09-13 The 100 Club, London England
Out Of Touch
2011-08-30 The Constitution, Camden Town, London England
Beautiful Mind
2010-06-26 The Victoria Inn, Northampton England
Old Snakey
2009-10-13 The Echo, Los Angeles USA
Girlfriend - Who Loves You Now?
2009-10-11 The Echo, Los Angeles USA
Partytime - Zombie Love
2009-10-10 Private Party, West Covina USA
2009-08-23 The Greyhound, Brackley England
Speeding Motorcycle
2009-08-15 The Picturedome, Northampton England
Quality People - Police Chief
2009-06-09 The 12 Bar Club, London England
2008-10-02 The 100 Club, London England
Brian Wilson - Shame About You
2008-06-05 Yoyo, Shipley England
2007-10-24 The 12 Bar Club Club, London England
Mercy - Daycare Nation - Quality People
2002-06-18 Klein Stadhuis, Ypres Belgium
Sister Death
2002-06-16 Au Casino, Kortrijk Belgium
Partytime - Who Loves You Now? - D.R.I.N.K. - Roadrunner - Bigfoot Motel
2002-06-14 Saigon Bar, Nüremberg Germany
Sweet Jane
2002-06-11 The Onion, Hamburg Germany
Just Like Bettie Page - Whaddya?
1999-09-23 Wetlands, New York USA
Soundcheck - Partytime - Long Night Starts - Falling In Love - Girls Who Keep Goldfish
1992-04-29 J.C. Dobbs, Philadelphia USA
The Entire Performance - She's A Yo-Yo
1990-11-14 9:30 Club, Washington USA
1990-11-11 Paradise, Boston USA
The Entire Performance - Girlfriend
1990-11-05 First Avenue, Minneapolis USA
1989-12-20 Days Inn Hotel Lobby, Atlanta USA
1989-12-19 The Cotton Club, Atlanta USA
1989-11-20 First Avenue, Minneapolis USA
1989-11-06 J.C. Dobbs, Philadelphia USA
Big Saturday - Angels
1988-05-02 Dingwall's, London England
The Entire Performance
1987-03-20 Black Horse, London England
Soul Happy Hour
1986-02-14 The Tube, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne England
1985-11-11 Alabamahalle, Munich Germany
The Human Jungle - Death Dentist
1983-11-24 Kingston Polytechnic, London England
Love Kittens



Excerpt from No known Predators DVD, filmed 2009-08-15.
Excerpt from No known Predators DVD, filmed 2009-08-15.


Playhouse Theatre Documentary
A lovely mini-documentary filmed 2015-03-27
Credit: Sonic Barometer
Pledgemusic Video
From the successful 2012 effort to crowd-fund the Last of the Gentleman Adventurers record.
Source of sample for Excellent!
"Transmission", 1989-1990
In the eighties, on the back of the arrival of MTV, there was a bit of a surge in pop music telly. A little company in London called Music Box used to make dirt-cheap music programming and sell it to TV stations around the world. In 1988 they had an "indie" music programme led by Rachel Davis, who had been a researcher for the relatively hip BBC DJ Janis Long, and in due course I, newly signed to Creation and sporting my best green paisley shirt, went along to be interviewed by Rachel for the show.

They were supposed to use one little twenty minute reel of videotape and edit the interview down from that. They ended up with three reels of this shit. For some reason, things just got really funny with the sound and light blokes and everyone was just falling about with mirth. It was very enjoyable, for a telly experience, and I left and went about my business.

Around this time Alan McGee started saying things like "Pat Fish should be on the telly."

I figured that he had plans to retire me and get me a job as a Tony Wilson impersonator. Of course, Alan was still on the drugs back then. I paid it no mind.

A couple of months later, Music Box got in touch and said that they wanted me to do a screen test for a presenter's gig on Rachel's show. This I duly did, thinking that no more would come of it. Then they offered me the job. I asked my new boss what they were proposing to pay me. He told me and I can still remember my reply: "Wow! You really are all overpaid in telly, aren't you?"

Actually, in telly terms, it was an absolute pittance. For me, however, it represented a three figure sum, every fortnight, just for standing around saying "Here's My Bloody Valentine."

So from about February 1989 to the end of 1990 I had a covert telly career, co-presenting this show, which they called "Transmission" (yup), with Rachel and some other telly bod whom I very rarely saw as we alternated, for the most part. The show aired on various regional independent TV stations around Britain. My regional station didn't get it, but they did get it up the road in Rugby, where the telly came from Birmingham. It was very odd to hear people from Rugby saying "I saw you on telly" when you didn't even realise that the show was going out. You know, I just used to make 'em and forget 'em for the most part. I didn't really understand that there were places where real people were actually watching this shit.

It was on the national telly NHK in Japan. National telly. In Japan. Just consider that a moment. Yeah, I know. Momus probably wants to kill me. He befriended me on Facebook the other day. I should probably reinforce my security arrangements.

Once a team from NHK came to our show's London offices to interview us about the programme. When my turn came I went into the little interview room and found myself answering thirty minutes' worth of questions about the Jazz Butcher. Not a word about the telly programme. I came out smirking. Like a fucking expert.

It was on national telly in Portugal as well. At seven thirty on a Friday evening. The Pastels. Joe Foster. Dave Kusworth. On national telly. At half past seven on a Friday evening. They put on a Creation night in Lisbon and they filled a huge theatre two nights running. I didn't get invited. Nikki Sudden got invited. Nikki Sudden got stabbed. Life, eh?

Transmission also went out on some long-gone pan-European cable channel, which, given that most people in Britain hadn't got their heads around all these new channels yet, meant that I was forever being asked if I was working for Rupert Murdoch's loathsome Sky TV. It was the only non-terrestrial channel that most people had heard of, you see. And it was annoying.

I had the pleasure of interviewing loads of my mates for the show: Sudden, Kusworth, Alex Novak, Pete Astor, the Blue Aeroplanes and so on. I got to interview one or two people I didn't know, as well, the most memorable of which has to be Lydia Lunch.

The programme filled a bit of a void and a lot of people, it turns out, were quite grateful for it when they were youngsters at the time. But you couldn't help but see trouble coming. The commercial breaks would be filled with averts for nice teen grooming products. Then you would cut back to some bunch of whey-faced, lank-haired skinny drop-outs in scuffed leather jackets, doing stuff with fuzz pedals. Sooner or later, somebody was actually going to watch this show and spot what I had spotted. Major subcultural demographic fail.

At the start of 1991 I was told that the show was being cancelled "because of the recession". I breathed a small sigh of relief and put in my final invoice.

I could write so much about music and telly, but I shall leave with you with one Top Telly Tip:

Saying "Here's the Primitives" into a microphone while walking down a street is much, much harder than you think.

Credit: Pat x (Monday, 15th of February 2016 - 1 year 73 days ago)

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