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Peter Crouch
Peter Crouch has 8 album credits
Condition Blue .. Waiting For The Love Bus .. Western Family .. The Jazz Butcher's Free Lunch .. Rotten Soul .. Unconditional .. Vodka Girls .. ¡Excellent! The Violent Years
Years Active
Active: 1991-1993, 2002 (click to explore)
Peter Crouch

Role: Guitar

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  • John 6:68
    mrnonny[at] - Mr Nonny
    12Oct2010 1:04 PM (6 years 283 days ago)
    Lord, to whom shall we go?

    Well, I for one will go to Peter, and once he's collected his coat and put his espadrilles on, we shall go to the pub.
  • Crouchy
    upyerbum[at] - El Carnicero
    11Jun2009 3:47 PM (8 years 41 days ago)
    Could be Tehran, could be Lagos. Could be skulking in the galley drinking all the vodka to which you thought your flight ticket entitled you.
  • Where's Peter
    meljay1102[at] - Jason L
    11Jun2009 10:40 AM (8 years 41 days ago)
    Where is Peter Crouch today?
  • Straw Peter
    17Sep2004 1:36 PM (12 years 309 days ago)
    Peter is one of the most sensual guitarists I have ever heard, man, he rocks! He is also a beautiful human being. May he please your lordships.