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  • Janes addiction is a brit band
    gmurphy2009[at] - Gavin Murphy
    29Sep2009 4:38 AM (8 years 204 days ago)

    Peace and Have a Great Show in Los Angeles
  • What?
    fishy[at] - The Butcher
    5Oct2008 9:09 AM (9 years 198 days ago)
    Since when was Jane's Addiction a UK band? Get back on your medication, Murphy, before you have some kind of accident.
  • I am a songwriter for 18 UK bands
    doublegdm[at] - Gavin Murphy- Watsonville , California
    4Oct2008 9:35 AM (9 years 199 days ago)
    Ok then I guess this message will confirm to some that I am crazy..

    so on and so forth
  • Where is Valentine, Pt. 2?
    francesca[at] - Francesca DiBrito
    28Jan2005 2:36 PM (13 years 83 days ago)
    Hi all, just googled and found this... I am another LF'r and I'm
    also looking for steve... he told me he moved to los angeles...
    can't find his number either but remember it was a 310 .. my
    husband and I are moving there in a few months and would love
    to drive around in his station wagon (does he still have that?!)

    Francesca DiBrito
  • Where the Fuck is Steve Valentine?
    psrprod2001[at] - DWC in Alameda, CA
    16Jan2005 8:38 PM (13 years 95 days ago)
    Can we swear on this?

    I recognize a few names on this board from LF/LB... the last I heard from Steve was on New Year's 2000 and my girlfriend lost the number. I had to dump her as a result of her clumsiness. Oh, I forgot this was about Steve, and not me.

    Steve is sexy and talented.

    There are plenty of expatriate LFers who might want to seem him perform or make an appearance in SF. Any information would be appreciated.