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The JBC archives are actively seeking assistance to document the band's history.

We have long trawled the underbelly of the Internet looking for JBC memorabilia: gig posters, ticket stubs, setlists, photos from concerts, bootlegs, gig reviews, etc. We know there must be more such material "out there", hidden away in attics, or already housed on hard drives.

Share with us what you have! You'll receive proper credit and your contribution will live on in infamy.

Are you an ex or part-time JBC member? We'd love to include your thoughts and anecdotes of your time in the Conspiracy!

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Click the "Add your own" link in the Visitor Feedback section below. Tell us what you have to share, and we'll get right back to you.

Thanks! Together, we can fill in the gaps for the ongoing story that is the JBC.

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  • gig tickets
    liards77[at] - Christophe from France
    16Mar2018 2:16 PM (94 days 18 hours ago)
    i have four gig tickets to give.
    Thanks for all Pat.
    I'm sure you don't remember me but we spent a good moment in
    Paris when you produced the Chelsea LP (French band leaded by
    Emmanuel Tellier).
  • Washington DC Interview
    happymedium27[at] - John Collins
    18Jan2018 9:33 PM (151 days 10 hours ago)
    Is it possible to credit the whole Background Noise Productions team on this one? That would be John Collins, Steve Yegelwel, Andy Schoengold, Jim Black and Jimmy Mitchell

    Thanks very much!
  • Interview With Pat & Max
    happymedium27[at] - John Collins
    16Jan2018 8:58 PM (153 days 11 hours ago)
    Here is a link to an interview we (Background Noise Productions) did with Pat and Max in Washington, DC the night of the Jazz Butcher’s show at the 9:30 Club.
  • Cassettes
    Stephen.dixon8[at] - Stevie Disco
    27Aug2017 4:01 AM (296 days 4 hours ago)
    I may have some stuff stashed away. What are you looking for?
  • Cassettes
    Stephen.dixon8[at] - Stevie Disco
    27Aug2017 4:00 AM (296 days 4 hours ago)
    I may have some stuff stashed away. What are you looking for?