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2018-05-27 100 Club , London , England
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance 2018-05-27 - The Jazz Butcher, 100 Club, London. (+ 1 extra track) Very sad to hear that Pat Fish passed away suddenly. A great talent, passionate about music and a cracking sense of humour. Paying my own tribute by sharing a live gig I recorded when both he and the band I was playing in (Jowe Head's Infernal Contraption) supported The Bevis Frond. Track 8 is taken from when he guested with Television Personalities at a benefit gig for Dan Treacy later that year at the same venue - which for me was the highlight of the night. RIP Pat. Lineage - Tascam DR-07 16 bit WAV - Audacity - Tascam DR-07 track splitting - FLAC
2016-06-03 The Lamplighter , Northampton , England
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance
Credit: Curtis Johnson
2015-12-12 The Playhouse Theatre , Northampton , England
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance Extracted from youtube video
Credit: The Jazz Butcher Quartet
2013-06-17 The Cake Shop , New York , USA
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance
[download PDF suitable for CD] PDF suitable for CD Credit: Lito Vales
2009-08-23 The Greyhound , Brackley , England
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance excerpts
Credit: Dave from Ohio
2005-10-27 KIR , Hamburg , Germany
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance Pat Fish solo set
set;;2;;0. The Entire Performance Owen Jones set
set;;3;;0. The Entire Performance Max Eider set
set;;4;;0. The Entire Performance Peter Crouch set
set;;5;;0. The Entire Performance Joe Woolley set
set;;5;;0. The Entire Performance Full band
Credit: Owen Jones
1999-09-23 Wetlands , New York , USA
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy - Wetlands, New York City, NY September 23, 1999 audience master Sony TCD-D8 w/ 2 audio technica AT-831b mics > wavelab 6 > TLH > make torrent 2 > dime (SBE corrected)
Credit: Nathan
1999-09-13 Sy Klopps Studios , San Francisco , USA
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance
set;;1;;1. She's On Drugs
set;;1;;2. Girlfriend
set;;1;;4. Soul Happy Hour
set;;1;;5. Walk With The Devil
Rough mixes of a practice session recorded by Henry Sarmiento at Sy Klopps Studios in San Francisco. Credit: David Whittemore
1999-09-09 Troubador , Los Angeles , USA
set;;1;;5. D.R.I.N.K.
1997-09-22 The Great American Music Hall , San Francisco , USA
set;;1;;2. Who Loves You Now?
set;;1;;6. La Mer
set;;1;;10. Raking Up The Leaves ( Max Eider )
set;;1;;13. Water
set;;1;;15. Just Like Bettie Page
Rough mixes of a flawless night out for Pat and Max. Recorded to 8-channel digital. Credit: David Whittemore
1997-09-19 Bob & Anne's Wedding , Seattle , USA
set;;1;;2. Who Loves You Now?
set;;1;;21. Angels
Recorded and mastered from the live mix DAT. Pat + Max, Joe Skyward (bass), Greg Gilmore (drums) Credit: David Whittemore
1997-09-17 Practice for Bob & Anne's Wedding , Seattle , USA
set;;1;;1. Girlfriend
set;;1;;2. Pineapple Tuesday
2nd practice prior to Bob & Anne Frangooles' wedding in Seattle, Washington. Pat + Max, Joe Skyward (bass), Greg Gilmore (drums) Credit: David Whittemore
1997-09-16 Practice for Bob & Anne's Wedding , Seattle , USA
set;;1;;1. The Basement
1st practice prior to Bob & Anne Frangooles' wedding in Seattle, Washington. Pat + Max, Joe Skyward (bass), Greg Gilmore (drums). Credit: David Whittemore
1994-06-04 Royal Albert Hall , London , England
(Creation Records 10th anniversary mega-gig)
set;;1;;0. Jdete Pryc The audience accosts the JBC with shouting in Czechoslovakian
Credit: David Whittemore
1993-12-23 The Racehorse , Northampton , England
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance EQd from Master Cassette
Christmas gig. Pat is joined by David J. Credit: David Whittemore
1993-10-28 The Forum , London , England
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance Mono, from Master Cassette
1992-06-17 The Nick , Birmingham , USA
set;;1;;0. Banter Between-tunes - talking about the Highlander Hotel in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Credit: David Whittemore
1992-05-16 Tower Records , Chicago , USA
set;;1;;2. After Hours (Velvet Underground)
set;;1;;6. Tugboat Captain (Dean Wareham)
In-store performance. Credit: David Whittemore
1992-05-09 El Mocambo , Toronto , Canada
encore;;1;;1. Over The Rainbow (Arlen/Hamburg)
set;;1;;4. Falling In Love
set;;1;;5. Angels
set;;1;;14. Racheland
Credit: David Whittemore
1992-05-01 9:30 Club , Washington , USA
set;;1;;9. Sister Death
Credit: David Whittemore
1992-04-29 J.C. Dobbs , Philadelphia , USA
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance Mixed-down from master DAT
Credit: David Whittemore
1992-04-26 Cat's Cradle , Chapel Hill , USA
encore;;1;;2. Everybody's Talkin' (F. Neil)
set;;1;;1. Still & All
set;;1;;4. Susie
set;;1;;5. Girls Say Yes
set;;1;;8. She's On Drugs
set;;1;;9. Sister Death
set;;1;;13. Racheland
The "1 mile per hour Art Misery tour". Credit: David Whittemore
1991-11-14 Arena , Vienna , Austria
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance 1st Gen Cassette
Credit: Alexander Vrchoticky
1990-11-23 Roxy Theatre , Los Angeles , USA
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance Soundboard - unknown generation Maxell XLII-90 > Denon DRW-850 > wavelab 6 > TLH > Make Torrent 2 > dime Azimuth calibrated and SBE corrected.
1989-12-10 The Coach House , San Juan Capistrano , USA
encore;;2;;1. The Devil Is My Friend West Coast '89 Cassette
set;;1;;15. Mr. Odd West Coast '89 Cassette
From Pat's "West Coast '89" compilation cassette (2nd generation), courtesy Andrew Brooksbank.
1989-12-09 Roxy Theatre , Los Angeles , USA
set;;1;;1. Bach Intro + Big Saturday West Coast '89 Cassette
set;;1;;2. Burglar Of Love West Coast '89 Cassette
set;;1;;3. The Best Way West Coast '89 Cassette
set;;1;;4. Looking For Lot 49 West Coast '89 Cassette
set;;1;;5. Girl-Go West Coast '89 Cassette
From Pat's "West Coast '89" compilation cassette (2nd generation), courtesy Andrew Brooksbank.
1989-11-28 Commodore Ballroom , Vancouver , Canada
encore;;1;;1. Moscow Drug Club West Coast '89 Cassette
set;;1;;1. Intro + New Invention West Coast '89 Cassette
set;;1;;2. Chickentown West Coast '89 Cassette
set;;1;;3. Bicycle Kid West Coast '89 Cassette
set;;1;;4. Angels West Coast '89 Cassette
set;;1;;5. Bad Dream Lover West Coast '89 Cassette
set;;1;;6. Hysteria West Coast '89 Cassette
From Pat's "West Coast '89" compilation cassette (2nd generation), courtesy Andrew Brooksbank.
1989-11-18 Ratskeller , Madison , USA
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance
Credit: David Whittemore
1989-11-17 Lounge Ax , Chicago , USA
encore;;1;;1. Biggest, Loudest, Hairiest Group Of All (John Cale)
encore;;1;;2. Moscow Drug Club (B. B. Gabor)
encore;;2;;1. Partytime
encore;;2;;3. Part-Time Punks (TV Personalities)
set;;1;;3. Big Saturday
set;;1;;11. Hysteria
Credit: David Whittemore
1989-11-08 Paradise , Boston , USA
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance "Stuck Outside - young fans record the show from outside. First 5 minutes is fan discussion, last 10 minutes includes backstage conversations
Credit: Tom Peterson
1988-08-07 Town & Country Club , Kentish Town, London , England
(Doing It For The Kids)
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance Extracted and EQd from mixcloud
Excerpted and pitch-corrected from Creation Records all-day recording Credit: Creation Records
1988-06-12 Odd Rock Cafe , Milwaukee , USA
encore;;1;;1. Girl-Go One of first performances
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance Recorded on AIWA cassette deck with stereo microphone, hand-held in audience, by Douglas Buege. The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, June 12, 1988 Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA Odd Rock Cafe 2010 S. Kinnickinnic Ave Milwaukee, WI 53207 Operated from 1987 to 1990
set;;1;;1. Real Men
set;;1;;2. Spooky (Hirsch)
set;;1;;3. Angels
set;;1;;4. Big Saturday
set;;1;;5. The Best Way
set;;1;;6. Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
set;;1;;7. Soul Happy Hour
set;;1;;8. Grey Flanelette
set;;1;;9. Susie
set;;1;;10. Girlfriend
set;;1;;11. Sex Engine
set;;1;;12. Looking for Lot 49
set;;1;;13. Take the Skinheads Bowling (Camper Van Beethoven)
set;;1;;14. Zombie Love
Credit: Douglas Buege
1988-05-02 Dingwall's , London , England
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance Extracted from youtube video
Pulled from file originally uploaded to youtube. Credit: FruitierThanThou
1988-04-15 Rail Theatre , Lyon , France
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance

This is the 217th upload of my concerts collection recorded in Lyon (France) between 1982-1990. The JAZZ BUTCHER were recorded for ZAP FM at the Rail Théatre in Lyon in spring 1988. The complete show was recorded on-the-fly with my usual way of mixing sdb outputs with 4 ambiance mikes to a HiFi video tape recorder.

For this night, I've placed 2 ambience mikes (Sennheiser MD441) on each side of the stage and another couple (Sennheiser cardoids) close to the soundboard. That night, I've a 16 tracks soundboard for recording...

I took usual sdb outputs on 2 tracks and some individual instruments outputs (from band sdb)... bass drum/snare/bass guitar/2 guitars/vocals completing the last 4 tracks with my 4 microphones. By this way, you have more than a pure sdb, and, very important, on the recording you have the effects (reverb/delay/etc...) used by the soundman. This is the main difference with the incomplete recording done on a multitracks recorder and mixed in studio afterwards (LTC 216).

So this new recording sounds as it was naturally in the venue... and the songs are in the right order... yep!! Bad souvenir!!!

At the end of the show, I saw a guy steal one of my big Sennheiser on the right side of the stage... I was at the other side of the venue... impossible to catch him. I've recorded a ton of concerts in Lyon, it was the only time I've lost something...

Credit: Lolive
1988-03-24 Metropol , Aachen , Germany
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance The Jazz Butcher - Metropol, Aachen, W. Germany March 24, 1988 audience - unknown generation or equipment TDK-SA90 > Denon DRW-850 > wavelab 6 > TLH > make torrrent 2 > dime
1987-03-20 Black Horse , London , England
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance Extracted from youtube video
Credit: FruitierThanThou
1986-12-02 Szene Wien , Vienna , Austria
set;;1;;10. The Human Jungle Gen1, from cassette soundboard source.
Soldiering on, one week after the exit of Max Eider .
1986-07-24 R.P.M. , Toronto , Canada
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance Radio broadcast, from 1st generation cassette
Credit: David Whittemore
1986-03-13 The Cricketer's , London , England
set;;1;;11. Zombie Love Pet Semetary - from the cassette "Various: The Holy Bible"
Credit: Kevin Carroll
1986-03-04 University , Besancon , France
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance
Credit: Dom Genot
1985-11-16 Batschkapp , Frankfurt , Germany
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance Source: 1st Generation Audio Cassette -> Magix MCLab 2008 deluxe -> Cool Edit -> wav -> TLH -> flac 8 -> dime -> you all credits for this very good audience recording go to the taper: 'mo-Sound concert recording'! complete show, total length: 83:00 mins
Credit: mo-Sound concert recording
1985-08-23 Zeche , Bochum , Germany
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance AUD > low gen analog via buenaventura Low gen analog > Kenwood KX-5030 cassette deck > Zoom H2 > WAV (16/44) [transfer to auto_pilot] > Audacity (normalize, trimming) > CDWave (tracking) > TLH (flac, checksum) Running time [92:02] Tape flip 3 minuntes into track 10 Many thanks to buenaventura for sharing.
Credit: buenaventura
1985-07-05 666 , Barcelona , Spain
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance Audio recording live concert sourced from the audience. 96kHz FLAC available
Credit: Ramón Piserra
1985-04-25 Melkweg , Amsterdam , Netherlands
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance
Credit: unka1723
1985-04-23 Onkel Pö , Hamburg , Germany
set;;1;;10. The Chinese Envoy (John Cale) Gen1 cassette
"I can see you if I take off my glasses" - Max Eider
1985-03-24 Kolingsborg , Stockholm , Sweden
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance Gen2 Cassette
1984-11-13 The Richmond , Brighton , England
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance
Credit: FruitierThanThou
1982-12-18 The Black Lion , Northampton , England
set;;1;;0. The Entire Show excerpts
Credit: David E. Barker


;;;;. Stereo Embers The Podcast: Pat Fish (The Jazz Butcher)
An interview and obit, combined. "He loved his cat, he loved to read, he loved to drink, he loved to smoke and he loved to play music. Recorded in 2013 as the Jazz Butcher’s The Last Of The Gentleman Adventurers album hit shelves, this interview finds Fish in fine form, talking about the new record, Roddy Frame, The Blue Nile, his long-standing relationship with Eider and why it’s so hard to age in rock and roll…" Credit: Alex Green
Credit: FrehcnSpurs1
;;;;. "The Watt From Pedro Show" podcast - Owen Jones
Excerpted from the musician-to-musician podcasts by Mike Watt (of The Minutemen) speaking with Owen Jones (via Skype). Mostly "Shakespeare and The Bible", and some passing Jazz Butcher commentary. Credit: Mike Watt
;;;;. Norwich Radio/C86 Interview
Excerpted from radio broadcast. Topics: The Smiths, early history, La Mer , playing the sax, David E. Barker Credit: David Eastaugh
;;;;. "Near Perfect Pitch" podcast #35
Excerpted from @NearPerfPitch's podcast #35. Dara Mottahed and Pat (via Skype) catch up on happenings since the previous podcast. Credit: Dara Mottahed
;;;;. Discovery and Uncovery with Pat Fish
Excerpted from Inessa B's soundcloud interview with Pat in 20016. "Having discovered The Jazz Butcher and followed their varied career over the years, an opportunity came up to connect with the man who started the journey himself, Pat Fish. I sent him questions that began with the all important naming of the group, to what Pat's reading, watching and listening to, and so much more." Credit: Inessa B
;;;;. "Near Perfect Pitch" podcast #1
Excerpted from @NearPerfPitch's inaugural podcast. Dara Mottahed and Pat (via Skype) chat about recent band history. And football. Credit: Dara Mottahed
2014-11-12 RTVE - Radio Televisión Española - Radio 3 with Julio Ruiz , Madrid , Spain
(Live on the air with Julio Ruiz)
set;;1;;1. The Interview
set;;1;;2. Melanie Hargreaves' Father's Jaguar
From interview session with Julio Ruiz.
1993-02-15 French National Radio , Paris , France
set;;1;;0. The Interview In French, from Gen1 Cassette
1992-06-26 WHPK , Chicago , USA
set;;1;;1. The Interview
set;;1;;2. Excerpts
Credit: David Whittemore
1992-05-16 WNUR , Chicago , USA
set;;1;;1. The Interview Master recording. College radio interview with a couple of live tunes
Credit: David Whittemore
1992-05-06 CBC , Montreal , Canada
set;;1;;1. The Interview
Credit: Brent Brambury
1992-04-26 WXYC , Chapel Hill , USA
set;;1;;1. The Interview
set;;1;;2. Biggest, Loudest, Hairiest Group Of All (John Cale)
A Butcher acoustic performance of the John Cale tune. Credit: David Whittemore
1992-04-25 WRAS , Atlanta , USA
set;;1;;1. The Interview Gen 1 Cassette. Includes the 'Sydney Meats Story'
Credit: David Whittemore
1990-11-22 KCRW , Santa Monica , USA
set;;1;;1. Crocodile Tears And The Velvet Cosh (David J.)
set;;1;;2. The Chinese Envoy (John Cale)
set;;1;;3. Partytime
1990-11-19 KTBS , Austin , USA
set;;1;;1. The Interview
Credit: Robert Jacob
1989-11-19 Shank Hall (backstage) , Milwaukee , USA
set;;1;;1. Topic: Robyn Hitchcock
set;;1;;2. Topic: David J's "The Party's Over"
During The Milwaukee Interview Pat muses on being compared to Robyn Hitchcock, and talks about David J. Credit: Brian Kelly/David Whittemore
;;;;. "On The Road" - CBC featurette
While en-route to 1989 Germany dates, Pat Fish answers "Big Questions" for CBC radio listeners. Credit: Dana Mottahead (Gen0 cassette of FM broadcast)
;;;;. Background Noise Productions
Pat Fish & Max Eider in Washington, DC the night of the Jazz Butcher's show at the 9:30 Club.

Background Noise Productions is: John Collins, Steve Yegelwel, Andy Schoengold, Jim Black, and Jimmy Mitchell

Well John, thanks for that rather strange and touching experience, which carried me back to a time when we were largely happy if permanently pissed. It says much for our dedication to our art that we sound so pleased to be drinking Heineken. But who the hell is that posh bloke Eider and where did he get that accent? Also you have made me catch a few bars of some tracks I've been assiduously avoiding for the last 30 years or so. But thanks all the same for the memory and indeed the Heineken. Credit: Max Eider 2017-10-01 (Sunday, 1st of October 2017 - 6 years 66 days ago)

Credit: Background Noise Productions


;;;;. Stereo Embers The Podcast: Pat Fish (The Jazz Butcher)
An interview and obit, combined. "He loved his cat, he loved to read, he loved to drink, he loved to smoke and he loved to play music. Recorded in 2013 as the Jazz Butcher’s The Last Of The Gentleman Adventurers album hit shelves, this interview finds Fish in fine form, talking about the new record, Roddy Frame, The Blue Nile, his long-standing relationship with Eider and why it’s so hard to age in rock and roll…" Credit: Alex Green


November, 2005 Demo

Recorded at Premier Studio

Buffalo Sniper
Police Chief
April, 2003 Demo

Recorded at Notepad, NW10 by Andy Parker. Produced by Donald Ross Skinner. All tunes conceived, devised & assembled by Wilson. Tracks contain elements of everything.

Istanbul Connection
Quality People
2002 Demo

Recorded by MC Bot on the Roland VS-1800 at Subsound, NN1 during 2001 and 2002. The words to "Play It All Night Long" are by Warren Zevon. Everything else is original pirate material. Increase the peace.

Quality People
Istanbul Connection
Hippy Shit
Play It All Night Long
Burn, Hollywood, Burn
Dark Agenda


Come, Friendly Spacemen
This is fun. Here's the midi file for Come, Friendly Spacemen
"Audio Aquatic" Demo

Credit: Andrew Brooksbank "Audio Aquatic" was an early working name for Sumosonic. Most tracks from this tape are the same as the later "Demo Cassette".

Come, Friendly Spacemen
This is an "extended" version, with approximately 90 seconds more beat breaks.
Demo Cassette

Unlike the Creation "This Is Sumo" release, Pat sings lead on all tracks.

Come, Friendly Spacemen
Monks Of Kung Fu
God's Green Earth
Business And Work
Destroy All Monsters
Everything Is Wonderful
Fern Schnell Gut
Cat's Life
My Ultimate Baby
We Are The Traffic

Black Eg

1994-06-01 The Sound Shaft , London , England
set;;1;;0. The Entire Performance

Black Eg's Live Debut! Credit: David Whittemore

1993-08-20 l'esprit formidable (demo tape) , Northampton , England
set;;1;;1. After Vietnam Black Eg demo
set;;1;;2. Drugs Rumble #1 Black Eg demo
set;;1;;3. Bel Air Black Eg demo
set;;1;;4. Mogadon Black Eg demo
set;;1;;5. Lulu's Dog Black Eg demo
set;;1;;6. No Answer (In Cambodia) Black Eg demo
set;;1;;7. I Will Survive Black Eg demo
set;;1;;8. Sexual Taboos Black Eg demo
set;;1;;9. La Rage Le Sarcasme Et La Betise Humaine Black Eg demo
set;;1;;10. After Vietnam Ambient Mix
set;;1;;11. Tonight You Belong To Me Black Eg demo
1992-09-15 Peter Murphy (demo tape) , Northampton , England
set;;1;;1. Do Ya Wanna? Black Eg demo
set;;1;;2. Our Friends The Filth Black Eg demo
set;;1;;3. Coney Island Nightmare Black Eg demo
set;;1;;4. Ezcsta Black Eg demo
set;;1;;5. L.A. Stories gameboy mix
set;;1;;6. The Hypnotic Eye Black Eg demo
set;;1;;7. L.A. Stories metal mix
1992-06-26 WHPK , Chicago , USA
set;;1;;1. The Interview
set;;1;;2. Excerpts
Credit: David Whittemore


Uncle Andy's 2007 Christmas Album

Starting in the early 2000’s a friend of mine, Andy Clarke, started recording a Christmas Album each year to give away to friends and clients. They started as a bit of a joke based around his fictional alta ego “Uncle Andy” best described as a lecherous, fraudster, man of the cloth. Over the next few years more and more musicians became involved not just from The New Barcelona but from around the world, some still jokey but more and more they became serious production numbers.

In 2007 the storyline for that years album was Uncle Andy’s huge charity gig, which at the end of he obviously stole all the takings. That year we finally asked Pat if he wanted to record one and he said he wouldn’t do a Christmas song, but he would record something … and oh did he do something special for us. He came round and recorded a beautiful version of Afterhours from the 3rd Velvet Underground album.

Recorded in December 2007 at Greenway Studio by Andy Clarke

After Hours 2007-12

Credit: Mark Cotton 2021-11-15 (Monday, 15th of November 2021 - 2 years 20 days ago)
JBC Rarities
Tracks that appeared on early compilations and singles.
Christmas With The Pygmies
From Christmas With The Pygmies (1985)

London (Cowboys For Jesus)
Alan Moore and Pat Fish. From the same session that produced "Trampling Tokyo". Unreleased.

Tombé dans les pommes
When You's A Viper
Recorded 2014-07-15

Affection (Jonathan Richman)
From VA: Shadow And Light (1984).
Recorded May 1983, "Cak Bag session", Sketch Studio, Northampton

Temptation Inside Your Heart (Velvet Underground)
From VA: Another Spark (1984).
Recorded from the May 1983, "Cak Bag session", Sketch Studio, Northampton

May I (Kevin Ayes)
From Speedy Gonzalez (1987)

La Mer
From the 2012 Last of the Gentleman Adventurers recording session (unreleased)

Poor Spy

Recorded May 1983, "Cak Bag session", Sketch Studio, Northampton

Chinese Envoy (John Cale)
From VA: What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen #2 (1983)

The Hobbu Song (Robert Goodman)
Guest Pass 2000

Cowgirl Fever
Marnie 12" single B-side (1984)

Vodka Girls
From VA: Abus Dangereux #21 (1994)
"Cult Of The Basement" rough mixes and alt takes
King Tut
Pineapple Tuesday
Fertiliser (Yes, Mantor)
The Onion Field
Sister Death

Provided by Martin Stebbing (Rev. Botus Whiteblood Fleming) , the session engineer.

Fan Tribute Discs - c. 2000
Downloadable high-quality MP3s of Jazz Butcher songs as covered by the musician/fans of the jbc mailing list and elsewhere. All tracks with annotation by the Butcher.
The Vaguely Familiar
Demo tracks from the July 1991 Pat Fish , Richard Formby , and Sumishta Brahm collaboration.
A Matter Of Time
Pedby's Grace
Colour Waltz
Demo tracks from the August 1991 Pat Fish and Cole Coonce collaboration.
We Are The Traffic #1
We Are The Traffic #2
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    22Jan2008 8:22 AM (15 years 321 days ago)
    OMFG I can't believe your music is here. Jazz Butcher had a big impact on me in the 80s/early 90s, and I'd put your music up there, in terms of overall quality, with the Smiths and Style Council. I still have all the LPs, so I don't feel bad about d/l MP3s here. :)

    I know it sounds daft but your ironic sense of humour makes me think of Ricky Gervais, either in The Office or Extras. Don't know why.

    Have a great day!
  • My Space -Picture
    jamiejack1[at] - Mike
    25Apr2007 9:01 PM (16 years 227 days ago)

    I just noticed that the snapshot you've chosen for your myspace space was clicked by none other than myself. Great memories of a Chicago boy in NYC to see what was billed as the JBC's swan song. I'm glad it wasn't. Keep on keepin' on...
  • vids
    plasticsoul2001[at] - PSoul, San Gabriel, CA
    29Oct2006 6:44 AM (17 years 41 days ago)
    Have my eyes gone all wonky or have the videos disappeared? I thought I would drop by this morning and start my day with a little "Girl Go" visual. No go. Oh well, we will make up for it with all of Basement via the iPod. That will get you going more proper than a bowl of wheaties. I just had a visual of The JBC on a Wheaties box. More collectable than the Mary Lou Retton!
  • In Bath of Bacon
    nataliec26[at] - Sacramento, CA. USofA
    4Sep2005 6:20 PM (18 years 95 days ago)
    The comment "...VERY early eighties..." does not mean that In Bath of Bacon was not a great album! If there is no hope of re-releasing this masterpiece can you please make it available for download? I purchased "Draining the Glass" because there are two songs from this album. Not enough though, I MUST HAVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!

    Kittens are only six inches tall...
  • good old times
    zotenschmied - ratingen, germany
    3Aug2005 1:59 AM (18 years 128 days ago)
    i haven't come across the jazz butcher for quiet a long time. while surfing around i visited today for the first time.

    congratulations, great and informative website.

    and the generous audio downloads are marvellous. the music makes me feel good and will accompany we not only for today. later i will get out my old vinyl recordings and have more fun with the jazz butcher and max eider.
  • Thanks!
    Jan aka El Duderino - Hamburg, Germany
    19Jul2005 3:40 PM (18 years 142 days ago)
    Thanks for this great site! The Jazz Butcher rulez! And of course: Thanks for the great music!
  • I am so glad I found this!
    lt.lucky[at] - Philadelphia, PA
    26May2005 3:56 PM (18 years 196 days ago)
    Around 1990 I was introduced to the Conspiracy
    by my friend iggi. After plying my ears with
    the wonders of A Scandal in Bohemia and
    Fiscotheque, he informed me of the approaching
    presence of the Butcher himself!

    We caught up with the Cult of the Basement at (I
    believe) the Diamond Club in Toronto, and thanks
    to iggi's conversations with David Whittemore,
    ended up backstage to greet Mr. Fish! I wish I
    could go on about what a fabulous evening it
    was, but a certain roadie was in charge of
    drinks, and my memory grew dim.

    Watching a dozen wind-up monsters roam the stage
    was a highlight for me... Thanks so much for the
    songs - it has been a while since I've listened
    and I was at once transported to a remarkable
    place. I enjoyed listening to the recording
    from Soundshaft immensely today.
  • hippies love egypt
    terrible communicator. - encinitas, USofA
    20May2005 1:13 AM (18 years 203 days ago)
    I'm sorry Pat but men with without women turn into monsters, especially at your ripe old age. I thought I knew what a good band was and what good songwriting was until I heard jbc...if i must admit how i really feel. I suppose my envy has turned into sour jealousy. But please dont take me quite so seriously. I never have. Love ya man. Peace and Love Flowerchild.
  • Questions for anonymous idiot
    The Butcher - NN1
    28Apr2005 7:00 AM (18 years 225 days ago)
    What's elitist about promoting free concerts and giving away free music downloads? Could there possibly be an argument for your fucking off with your hippie shit? You know, I'm almost certain that there is...
  • typical
    27Apr2005 6:42 AM (18 years 226 days ago)
    wow. now that inquiry about you taking checks was a complete joke. I wouldnt send you one anyways. What do I care about the bands you promote in CA? That was'nt my question. And as 80's as your drums and saxophone may sound Im gonna have to say you were a bit ahead of your time. It has'nt even come yet....settle down. Elitist bastards....
  • great site
    joematte[at] - SF, USofA
    26Apr2005 5:35 PM (18 years 226 days ago)
    This site is a real treasure....all this hard to find music for a mouse click. A true gift! Thanks a million.
  • cool site
    tripecac[at] - Bellingham, WA
    30Mar2005 2:10 PM (18 years 253 days ago)
    This is a great site for long-time fans. I love all the free mp3s and song notes. It makes me feel like the site and band are more focused on creation than business.

    That said, I'm curious how it's doing, business-wise. Has it paid for itself? How would you measure site-derived earnings?

    What if 90% of the site's visitors already own most or all of the JBC albums? How can the site make money off of them (us) in order to support itself? Through gig advertisements? Or is the site dependent upon sales from the (say) 10% of visitors who are JBC newbies?

    It's a great site, fan-wise. I love it! I'm just curious how effective it is business-wise. It'd be great to find out if (and how) it pays off in both areas...

    Even if it doesn't, it's still awesome, and I'm grateful to everyone involved in creating and maintaining it!

    (a loyal JBC fan since 1986)
  • In defense of he who needs no defending
    wjasonstreet[at] - Jason / Laurel, MD
    29Mar2005 9:20 AM (18 years 254 days ago)
    Sometimes the trolls and fools who have secured access to the library computer reveal themselves and give us all a quaint laugh.

    The comments made about the site being full of cobwebs reveal what is really going on here. Those of us who enjoy the music are scrounging everywhere to find it/buy it/save it/archive it/ and listen to it. You can go on Ebay, GEMM, or wherever you like and there is incredible demand and competition for the music that was made.

    The music is the thing. Get the songs, get the vinyl, get it all and listen to it. The Butcher made it, someone gave him beer money for it, they slapped it into the odd shop in miserable small quantities, and now we happily pay for it when someone decides to auction it off. Don't crap all over him because of that. Nostalgia? Nah. Appreciation? Yes. A real fan is appreciative. This real fan wishes he could go to the shows.

    If the Butcher wants to put out something new, we'll get that too and celebrate. All this crap about how your "great" record store doesn't have JBC stuff proves your own ignorance--we swept in years ago like ninjas and bought it all up while you were shoving REO Speedwagon down your pants.
  • The only cobwebs are between your ears
    The Butcher - NN1
    27Mar2005 6:48 PM (18 years 256 days ago)
    This is not a commercial site devoted to flogging twenty-year-old indie records. We do not take checks or anything else.

    This is a site about music and what I (a minor semi-pro musician) am doing now. If you condescend to look at the main page, you will find that to be spending most all my time promoting live music (including artists from your home State), composing and performing. Not in Encinitas, Ca, though, as I have no wish to be disappeared by your thought police.

    If you want to relive the eighties, there are plenty of bands around right now who will be only too happy to help. Try the Departure, or if you like it really wooshti, The Bravery.
    Now fuck off.

    Pat xxx
  • this site is full of cobwebs. . .
    you[at]-remove- - Encinitas.Ca USofA
    26Mar2005 5:16 PM (18 years 257 days ago)
    Does anyone ever look at this site anymore? What's really goin' on here? I find it beyond absurd that even the "great" record store we have here(Lou's) has no more than 3 jbc cds to choose from, that of which are reissued compilations. Is it just me or is there really a "conspiracy" going on here and does it make perfect sense if any at all?? Im sick to my stomach. Upload everything you ever recorded to this website Pat. You take checks right?
    14Jul2004 12:23 PM (19 years 147 days ago)
    We Love You AJAX
    My lovely AJAX
    You make me happy
    When skies are grey
    You never noticed
    How much I love you
    Please don't take
    My Ajax away
  • pat fish
    ferrallbud[at] - vancouver j.B.C
    26Jun2004 3:14 PM (19 years 165 days ago)
    Girl friend sick stop loves jbc stop shes fresh out of infirmary stop need to know tour pub dates
    in ENGLAND or j.B.C. CANADA stop after Aug. stop
    Yours truly 6 show strung out vancouver
    jbc / hitchcock groupies .
  • are you guys ever coming back to vancouver?
    matroniks[at] - british columbia,canada
    8Nov2003 12:12 AM (20 years 32 days ago)
  • as
    allfa101[at] - La Plata, Argentina
    2Oct2003 6:44 PM (20 years 68 days ago)
    I like too much this band and the page is very nice, information and videos, I never saw videos of jbc.
    nine butchers for you, and thanks
  • A stopping off point in the search for good music
    paulcberesford[at] - London (UK)
    12Jul2003 3:36 PM (20 years 150 days ago)
    As a ph.D researcher of popular music, and fan of the Blue Aeroplanes (who make my task difficult, yet stimulating), I discovered this website. What a gem! A case of 'Music Hall meets Rock'n'Roll'. I'm now in the process of obtaining the back catalogue (all in the name of research I might add!). I may even make my way to Northampton for the Wilson gig in late July if I can find decent accommodation for an overnight stay. I've revisited 'Rough Music' (I won't go into the historical meaning) to listen out for Pat (tremelo) Fish. 'A Map Below' stands out. Hey, but what do I know? I'm just an ageing hippie musician with a studio who writes about music. In the 'sponsored walk of life' I just give out the bottled water!
  • Scandal in Bohemia / Sex and Travel two-fer cd
    richp20[at]-remove-hotmail - Rich E P
    24Dec2001 2:57 PM (21 years 350 days ago)
    Hello butcher fans!

    I found an extra copy of the Scandal in Bohemia / Sex and travel two-fer cd. It has some surface scratches but play perfectly (I tried it on several machines) It took me ten years to find the first copy and I know how frustrating it was trying to find it the first time. If anybody has any tasty rare things or excellent quality live recordings I'd love to trade. I could be persuaded to sell it as well.