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'Miracles & Wonders' Interviews
Philip Snow conducted 16 recorded interviews with Pat which served as source material for their book 'Miracles & Wonders'. Some of those raw audio files are presented here. More may be forthcoming
The Interviews
#6 - Fishco - (The Plough, Shutlanger, 2019-10-05)
The late Pat Fish in conversation with me on 5th October 2019.

Much of this would become the 'Fishcotheque' chapter of 'Miracles and Wonders', the book Pat and I wrote, which I finished and published after he shuffled off on 5th October 2021.

It was a lovely, if emotional day. We ate bagels and smoked cheese at my house, watched the Tottenham game (they lost 3-0 to Brighton), aborted an intended trip to Uppingham, before arriving at the Plough, Shutlanger.

After the recording we went on a little pub crawl, witnessed a skein of geese fly noisily overhead ("I don't think I've ever seen that before", said Pat), and consumed a takeaway back at Fishy Mansions.
#16 - Highest - (Fishy Mansions, 2020-02-09)
This was recording #16 of the 'Miracles & Wonders' sessions, that eventually became the 'Highest in the Land' chapter in the book.

Unexpurgated, and consequently, at times offensive. But I think Pat is as rude about the Brits as he is about Canadians, so there's a certain balance.

This session included a mop up of all the official releases not covered previously, tales of penury misery and diminishing returns, and, uniquely, a little strum on a tuneless guitar of the songs being considered for the final album. This being early 2020, before global disaster descended.

Not all of the songs that Pat was considering made the final cut, but I rather hope that professional musicians can make something of those fragments and bring them to life.
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