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JBC Family Tree
From Pat's notebooks, as captured for 'Miracles and Wonders'
JBC Family Tree #1
JBC Family Tree #1
Credit: Philip Snow
JBC Family Tree #2
JBC Family Tree #2
Credit: Philip Snow
Pat's first gig - 1974
Pat Fish, Chris Zero, Rolo, others
Nightshift - 1976-1978
Pat Fish (vocals, sax), John Silver (drums), Colin Henney (keys), Paul Quarry (drums), Chris Clark (guitar), Ros Caston, Jon Stephenson (keys)
The Institution - 1978-1980
Rolo (bass), Rob Wilford (drums), Max Eider (guitar), Pat Fish (vocals, sax), Johnathan Stephenson (synthesizers), John Duvall (drums)
Sonic Tonix - 1980-1981 (AKA 'The Tonix')
John Silver (drums), Dave Goldie (bass), Simon Mawby (vocals), Owen Jones (guitar), Pat Fish (vocals), Pete Millson (guitar)

The first JBC dates are shrouded in confusion. Max Eider , Pat Fish and Louis played three very small shows under the umbrella of "Cabaret Cent-Neuf" during November and December 1981.

These shows, which were almost entirely acoustic also featured the shadowy figure of The Antichrist, who performed as Ramon Destine (with Max Eider on guitar; it was Ramon who first uttered the words "Take it, Max... "), the Rockin' Belgians and Terence Walpole, a deranged poet later to find recording fame with The Black Eg. The shows were at Merton College Oxford; Chez Louis, Wimbledon (!) ; and Drayton Court flats New Year's Eve party in Chelsea.

The first show to be advertised as "The Jazz Butcher" was at Merton College, Oxford on 20th February 1982. The band lined up as: Pat Fish : guitar and voice, The Antichrist: guitar and voice, Alice Thompson : organ and voice, Chris "Snogger" Rudd (later of the Lost T-Shirts Of Atlantis) on bass, and Owen Jones on drums.

It was perceived as a one-off laugh, not unlike something that happened last Wednesday in a ditch in central London.

Pat then went away to the country and started writing some tunes. The Glass deal was offered, and eventually a new romantic band called Where's Lisse?, who lived in Pat's area and who were also on Glass, suggested a "gig" together. This is where it really starts ...

Source: Pat Letter: 1994-06-24 Fri, Jun 24th 1994 (30 years ago)