Celebrating 30 goddamned WWW years: 1994-02-17
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Written words that don't fit neatly elsewhere
Letters From Pat - 1990-1994
Just prior to gaining Internet access for himself, Pat would update the website's maintainer the old-fashioned way: through type-written correspondence. Includes then-current news and answers to fan questions in 9 lengthy letters.
Notebooks - Excerpts from his journals
Pat extensively journaled his projects. Some pages are shared here.
Top 10 JBC Fiascos - 2020
When live on the road goes.. interesting
Tom Hall Memorial - 2003
The passing of Northampton-based folk music legend Tom Hall prompted Pat to pen a memorial.
The Star Of India Restaurant - 2002
Northampton's Star of India restaurant is dearly loved by the artist
Fan Club - 1986
Early Fan Club issues