Pat responds to questions posed by fans of the band (historical).
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  • Crumbs
    james[at] - James, Essex
    30May2012 12:55 AM (9 years 68 days ago)
    Forgive me for letting you slip from my memory until I rediscovered my vinyl collection recently. If it helps, you are in good company!

    In 1984 I interviewed you (pre-soundcheck at Essex Uni. in Colchester I think) for my show on a Suffolk radio station.... You had just bought a Fender Rio acoustic guitar and I had one too (still have), which gave us something to talk about at least.

    I was very much a fan, 20 years old and probably quite irritating...sorry about that.

    I shall now investigate your music post-86 which is about when I lost touch with what you were doing, for whatever reason.

    Cheers Pat,

    James Partridge.
  • History
    tomberry100[at] - Tom, southwest
    15Mar2012 7:35 AM (9 years 143 days ago)
    Hi pat, have been missing you since the 1990 battle of bands at bristol 'studio'. You and the 'planes were great. Glad to see you note licks lee as a conspirator and Julian pransky-poole. Now, where is that mr paul mulreany?

  • Tour Dates
    edavidsonnemoy[at] - Emily - Nashville. TN
    22Jan2012 8:14 PM (9 years 196 days ago)
    My husband and I want to plan a trip to London this Spring/Summer. We want to see you play when there. Any idea of upcoming tour date/gigs?

  • Blast from the past
    alaric.neville[at] - Mr Alaric Neville, Leeds and Northampton
    18Jan2010 3:59 AM (11 years 201 days ago)
    Hello again Pat, It being Monday morning, possibly my last email was a bit cryptic. I'm so used to people remembering me not for my sparkling repartee or winning personality, but for the unusual name, that I didn't give you clues as to our past associations. In case you address book is full of other Alaric's or memory has dimmed your image of the '80s, I was Richard Formby's chum in those days, hung out with you on a number of occasions, even shared a stage with you one New year at the Rock Garden in Covent Garden, when Richard supported you, Kevin H and David J. Happy Days, Cheerio, drop us a line if you feel the mood take you, Alaric
  • Soul Happy Hour
    annette.clement[at] - Annette, Germany
    3Nov2008 1:51 PM (12 years 276 days ago)
    Dear all,

    in the 80´s I was a big fan of Jazz Butcher.
    Many years has passed but now - in that moment - i remembered the song "soul happy hour". Does anybody has the possibility to put it to "You Tube", so I can listen to that?
    Thank´s in advance.