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The Jazz Butcher Top 10 JBC Fiascos
Top 10 JBC Fiascos - Published to Facebook, September, 2020

Max's Introduction

Pat's Introduction

The Fiascos

  1. The Fatwa
  2. Marginal Europe – First Explorations on Planet Spain
  3. The Imp of Groeningen – a cautionary tale
  4. The hog roast
  5. Curtains for Butchie
  6. Pride comes before The Fall
  7. Cake City
  8. Two Go To The Highlands
  9. Teatro Greco
  10. Parting of the ways


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  • The gig in Victoria
    rossisalways[at] - Ross smith
    26Dec2022 11:03 PM (279 days 6 hours ago)
    May 1992. JBC are to be playing at Harpos in downtown Victoria, BC.
    I already have my tickets for the following night gig at the commodore in Vancouver.
    I phone my ex-girlfriend in Victoria, who just loves The JBC, and tell her about the gig.
    Of course, in our pre internet days, concerts were almost word of mouth, last minute deals.
    We go to our prospective gigs, and a week later, I phone to ask how she enjoyed the show.
    She told me she spent the whole night drinking with them and saw them off before they left for Vancouver, with absolutely no sleep.
    I said "What happen to D____?" Here boyfriend at the time.
    "OH, Pat had had enough of him and the band threw him out into the street, without his shoes."
    "You didn't go after him?"
    " I'm partying with the Jazz Butcher, this is a once in a lifetime thing. No, I stayed all night."
    She said she never laughed so hard that night.