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Musical Side Projects - Where Pat is the guiding force

The Black Eg - The brothers Von Dämmerung
Sumosonic - Aka Audio Aquatic
Wilson - Northampton 'super group'
In the early aughts, Pat inadvertently assembled a supergroup - Wilson - with ex-Sumosonic members and well known Northampton musicians.Wilson layered guitar-riffs and shouty-pop over solid sequencing and live percussion. Nearly 100 live shows were played, and a live DVD was self-released at the end of a decade-long run.
In Others' Bands - Where Pat is a musician in another's group

Drones Club - Bass for Medieval Drum and Bass band
The Drones Club started in 2014 in a medieval pub in Northampton. Pat Fish joining on bass resulted in what’s been described as a Medieval Drum and Bass sound combined with Hendrix style Bagpipes.
Stranger Tractors - Drums for Curtis E. Johnson's group
Pub Bands - Where Pat plays in live bands with friends

The Undertakers - Unrehearsed covers, live
Formed as the house band of Slurp's Bar, Northampton,The Undertakers feature Pat Fish , Mark Refoy and Jonny Mattock ( Spacemen 3, Spiritualized), and Tim Harris (Everything But The Girl, Doctor Didg). They don't rehearse, they only play covers (Can, Velvets, Creedence, Kraftwerk, Plastic Ono Band, etc), and a total of about 43 people have ever seen them play live.
Prime Evils - Pat on Bass, with Joe Woolley and Jonny Mattock
Collaborations - Project-based, small group/collaborative efforts

Contributions - As a producer, studio musician/one-time efforts

David J - Crocodile Tears & The Velvet Cosh (LP, 1985) - Flute
Blue Moods turning Tail (EP 1986) - glockenspiel
On Glass (LP 1986) - Glockenspiel, vocals
Venus Fly Trap - Rocket USA (single, 1989) - Tenor sax
M Walking on the Water - Pluto (LP, 1989) - Vocals
Blue Aeroplanes - Beatsongs (LP 1991) - Vocals
Up in a Down World (EP 1993) - Vocals, co-writing credit on "Meantime"
Rough Music (LP 1994) - Guitar, organ, co-writing credit on "Whatever Happened to our Golden Birds?"
Spacemen 3 - Recurring (LP 1990) - Tenor sax, flute
Sonic Boom - Spectrum (LP 1989) - Finger pops, vocals
Spectrum - Soul Kiss (Glide Divine) (LP, 1992) - Tenor sax
Indian Summer (single, 1993) - Electric guitar
Dave Kusworth & The Bounty Hunters - All the Heartbreak Stories (LP, 1991) - Flute, tenor sax
Chelsea Paris - Tramway (LP 1992) - Guitar, vocals
The Field Trip - Take to the Streets (EP, 1993) - Tenor sax
The Black Watch - Jiggery-Pokery (LP, 2002) - Vocals
Stranger Tractors - Vibration (CD single, 1995) - Drums, vocals
Four One And Only's - Holy (LP, 1996) - Vocals for 'The U.F.O. Man'
The Purelove - King Pop (Marsh Marigold Records, 1997) - Guitar
The Purelove - Live (1997 tour of Germany) - Guitar
Shorty - The Bridge Over The River Nene (2020) - Electric Guitar

Love Ambassadeux - Black Mischief - (single, Rumpo Records, 1985)
13 Frightened Girls - Lost at Sea - (3 track 12", Foundation, 1991)
Venus Fly Trap - Pandora's Box - (LP, Danceteria 1992)
Chelsea Paris - Tramway - (LP, Virgin France, 1992)
Other Substantial Efforts