The Jazz Butcher
Alex Lee



Guitar, Guitars, Lead Guitar, Rhythm & Backwards Guitar, Motorcycle & Fuel Air Explosions, Lynch-Mob


Other Projects
The Blue Aeroplanes .. Strangelove (with Julian Poole , John Langley, and Joe Allen )

Pat Says

The Butcher Says..



Years Active
Active: 1993 (click to explore)
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Killer Guitarist
Mr. Lee's wild abandon AND marvelous subtlety on the
6-string electric contraption compliments Pat's
songs beautifully. And he was amazing live.... no
matter who he was playing with. Lovely chap as well.
Otto 10Oct2021 10:59 PM
Alex Lee
Why leave the blue aeroplanes on the verge of 'beatsongs'? Angelo and Alex were a stonking team. The BA's best strikers.
Tom,Oxford,formerly Bristol 7Mar2003 6:12 PM
alex lee
perhaps the greatest musician of our time (no shit)
1Oct2002 1:45 PM