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R.I.P.: 2017-05-18


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  • Dooj
    chrismarshall-crashdown[at] - Chris Marshall Halifax
    18May2017 3:17 PM (6 years 203 days ago)
    Hi Pat, sad note, my friend and your former colleague Dooj died today in Halifax, I recently visited him and although his memory was a little foggy, we talked about the old times. In his room, which was almost clinically white, apart from a White Semi-Acoustic guitar, there was a notice board, with a couple of old photographs, including a group shot of "The Jazz Butcher" in the USA, he really loved that photograph and he was proud to have been a small part of "The Jazz Butcher". Chris Marshall
  • Hello from Canada
    dhamaura[at] - Dean from Canada
    2Feb2007 7:10 PM (16 years 311 days ago)
    Hi Dooj, it's Dean from Vancouver. Hung out w/ you in London around the mid 90's. Hope you are well. How are things going?

    Still playing music I hope.

    Drop me a line.

  • Hello from Canada
    dhamaura[at] - Dean from Canada
    2Feb2007 7:07 PM (16 years 311 days ago)
    Hi Dooj, it's Dean from Vancouver. Hung out w/ you in London around the mid 90's. Hope you are well. How are things going?

    Still playing music I hope.

    Drop me a line.

  • mwmcbb
    r.k.e....[at] - Bob E Hudds
    2Feb2006 1:56 PM (17 years 311 days ago)
    Hope you're still alive.
    Picked up the bass again myself.
    Bob E
  • hi dooj
    you[at]-remove- - Tianjin .china
    22Nov2005 10:50 PM (18 years 18 days ago)
    hi dooj,how r u doing...xx
  • Jazz Void
    El Carnicero - NN1
    6Sep2004 7:36 PM (19 years 95 days ago)
    Dooj, you c'nut. You never call.
    I've got a nightcclub. So play it already.
  • jack barret
    11Dec2003 5:00 AM (20 years 1 day ago)
    pick that paper up laddie
  • here is brigitte from salzburg-austria!
    lady.bordeaux[at] - salzburg, austria
    28Sep2003 8:27 AM (20 years 74 days ago)
    hi dooj!
    do you remember on me? how are you? and what are you doing? long time I don't hear from you! please contact me under my band-adress:
    it would be nice to hear from you very soon!!!!
    greeez brigitte
  • flat pack furniture
    you[at]-remove- - woody
    17Jun2003 5:19 AM (20 years 178 days ago)
    flat pack furniture is bad
  • dooj its gillian
    28May2003 1:57 PM (20 years 197 days ago)
    hi sweetpea, how're you doing? long time no news
    is it true about Renni? what happened?
    So back to you, where why when and how.
    You can contact me at Kiehls.29 monmouth st, covent garden WC2H 9DD. Not that far from cafe pacifico. Hope you and yours are all bright and bushy. big love gillian.*x*
  • hola guapo
    13Mar2003 9:57 AM (20 years 273 days ago)
    Hi Dooj:
    whiar in nort in halifas, gess jo gibby and ana the ex girfrend the julian.
    What you doing in you live
    whi dont see you for long time
    Are you still a live.I hope
    eniway old the best for you.and sorry for my englis ,is going worse,long time i dont practis.
    Hello dooj, hope you understood the above ive been back in halifax for ages (i think its time to escape again)every ones wondering where you are cos no ones seen you for ages. Get in touch with us if you come back to halifax,
    All the best Gibby
  • Are you in a Good Mood?
    karen.sumner[at] - Chichester, UK
    18Sep2002 9:40 AM (21 years 84 days ago)
    Hi Dooj
    Can't believe that I've stumbled across you AND Joanne AND Julian on the same web page! Be really good to hear from you Dooj and anyone else who can answer the following question: What's the significance of Ella Fitzgeralds'"Every Time We Say Goodbye"? Karen x
  • `avin a go
    14May2002 9:39 AM (21 years 211 days ago)
    Lo dere!
    thort i wud tri and sea if mi mesidge can get thru. yore a luvli bloke today and sum tyme in the future, oh yes.
    sta in tutch.
  • Hello!
    joanne.nettleton[at] - Joanne Nettleton
    10Apr2002 7:39 AM (21 years 246 days ago)
    Hello Dooj!
    Dreamt about you the other week!
    Just been to see Jules, now living in Germany, we were talking and looking at photos from the 'DOOJ, Eat Your Heart Out' days, and saying how it'd be nice to get in touch. He suggested checking this web site - and here you are! How ya doing? Long time no see or hear. Would be nice to hear from you old chap, mail me? Jo XXX
  • life and death
    18Mar2002 9:27 AM (21 years 268 days ago)
    rennie has pegged it
  • games
    25Feb2002 8:04 AM (21 years 290 days ago)
    ER WILKINSON!!it,s not cold wad,so if you haven,t got a note,you,re going for a wun d.r.bannister
  • Dooj
    19Nov2001 1:00 AM (22 years 23 days ago)
    Tim here, ( from Halifax..ex-Victim, I'm sure you remember !!) get in touch. e-mail address, tim."surname"[at]
  • head between edward marmaduke armitages butt ocks
    13Nov2001 12:00 PM (22 years 28 days ago)
    dear johnny,miss kay is asking 4 u2 come& find her bladder u on warley rugger pitch 2nite.LOVE MUZ******
  • dooj
    14Jul2001 11:41 AM (22 years 150 days ago)
    dear dooj,miss kaye has returned to warley with her bladder bags and we dont know what to do.please instruct us oh wise one?