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Kizzy O'Callaghan


Kizzy died from a brain tumor in 1990. His last words were "Bollocks!"


Guitar, Vocals



Years Active
Active: 1987-1989 (click to explore)
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  • kizzy
    melanie - uxbridge middlesex
    14Jul2005 7:36 AM (18 years 150 days ago)
    I looked after Kizzy in University College Hospital where I was a nurse in 1989. We became friends and I still have a book he bought me for my birthday and photos. I was very young and very upset by his illness. I've never forgotten him. God Bless Kizzy xx
  • Kizzy
    mandy[at] - Cornwall UK
    8Jul2004 2:14 PM (19 years 156 days ago)
    I lived in London in 88, 89.Ishared a house with Paul Mulreany, Martin Stebbing and his brother Frankie. Kizzy came and slept on our floor for months. He was really sweet, and have often thought of him after he first became ill.I have only now found out he died. He was the sweetest Chap.

    with love Mandy.
  • hello
    2Nov2002 7:29 AM (21 years 40 days ago)