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How are ya!??!?
Hi there Nick!!
You remember going to see Spiritualized at RPM Warehouse??
We went back to the orange lounge with Steve and Kimi from Trans Love Airways?
Have been wondering what you are up to!
You=great drummer!!!
i'm in the UK now living in the midlands.
Boy i hope you look at this board -
Let me know if you get over to England!

David Headon, Birmingham UK 26Jan2007 3:04 AM
better late than never
Hiya Nick. I thought it was about time I dropped you a line in reply to the postcards you sent me many years ago. I would have written back sooner but I couldn't be bothered. Hope you are well and I'll hopefully see you soon mate. take care, jp
Glasgow. Scotland 20Apr2003 4:39 PM
stop muckin' about !
bournemouth UK 2Oct2002 3:53 PM
El Mo in 92...
Saw you in Toronto in 1992, about the most fun
we have had at a show!
Are you involved in any projects (music) in the
T.O. are? Thanks.

Bryan and Marnie
Toronto, Canada 3Oct2000 4:55 PM
saying hello to nick
bonjour monsieur le singe, - ca va ?
"AC/DC est un de le plus populaire bandes de la monde........"
nick burson. french oral topic c. 1983
how come i remember yours and not mine?
london & leeds. england 22Aug2000 2:27 AM