The Jazz Butcher
Paul Mulreany


[image] [image] [image] (Paul on right)

Resides: In London, England


Drums, Vocals


Other Projects
Drummer for the The Blue Aeroplanes

Pat Says

The Butcher Says..



Years Active
Active: 1987-1990, 1993-1994 (click to explore)
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  • How to contact Paul
    ballisticwax[at] - John Middleton, Adelaide
    29Nov2009 8:17 PM (14 years 10 days ago)
    Paul and I were great mates when we were in our early teens. I'd love to have a catch up. If you read this, Paul, drop me a line - ballisticwax[at]
  • Paul Mulreany
    Sadie[at] - Sadie
    14Mar2006 3:56 AM (17 years 272 days ago)
    Paul is my cousin and emigrated to Oz Christmas 2005.
  • paul mulreany
    19Mar2005 2:02 PM (18 years 266 days ago)
    Fiona or anyone knows what happened to paul mulreany? Is he really in demolition work?

    thanks anna
  • :o)
    3Nov2004 2:29 PM (19 years 37 days ago)
    Fiona please give me right email address Paul.
  • pauls details
    jazz butcher - paul mulreany
    27Aug2004 1:59 AM (19 years 106 days ago)
    fiona you wanted details about paul
    contact me patrick mulreany perth australia
    mulreany[at] 27/8/04
  • Paul Mulreany...
    Fiona.w[at] - Italy
    7Jul2004 12:22 PM (19 years 156 days ago)
    ...does anyone know what happened to him? I heard on the grapevine he was in demolition work now... Paul, if you ever read this, please email!