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The mailing list is on hiatus..
The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy mailing list has been in existence since October 1989 and has a few hundred subscribers. Several subscribers are in contact with the band, and report here.

This is the place for up-to-date information. For your convenience, the archives are here in their entirety, although they can lag several months depending on how busy I am :-|

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  • Long shot motel 2
    jesusblood[at] - Chris, Lancaster
    8Mar2013 12:54 PM (10 years 270 days ago)
    I was nostalgically looking to see if I could find my previous comment with the subject line "Long shot motel" (see below, assuming you're reading in the default newest-first order), and lo - 'tis still there! Just a follow-up to say Pat played a lovely solo set on the night, and despite sound problems (sorry Pat), an essential contribution to this a perfect day, so thanks Pat, for some treasured memories!

    All the best, Chris and Julie

    btw love the new album!
  • Tour. Please.
    Charlie[at] - Charlie, Minneapolis
    20Jun2012 6:19 PM (11 years 166 days ago)
    Dear sir,

    Miss you and your noise. Saw you in a few places over the years, ...ah, decades.

    Last saw you at the DNA Lounge in S.F.. There was a woman quite smitten with you selling 'merch'. She was from Canada. Did you marry?

    Come visit and play!

  • chords to walk with the devil
    esawester[at] - ed ithaca
    14Mar2012 11:09 AM (11 years 264 days ago)
    help! i need the chords for walk with the devil. it's a great song and someone really needs to hear it. Thank you in advance.
  • shows in usa
    davidk1[at] - david in santa barbara ca
    6Jan2010 7:39 PM (13 years 331 days ago)
    jesus christ on a pogo-stick, can't fuckin believe i missed the butcher in L.A. been waiting since the early '90's for a return engagement and i missed it??? is there no justice in the universe? any chance i can redeem myself and attend an upcoming show?
  • This Bloody Nonsense
    cuszynski[at] - Chris Uszynski, Amherstburg ONT
    6Jun2009 7:29 PM (14 years 180 days ago)
    Hi ALL

    Say Pat and the Boys in Windsor ONT, in 89 or 90 greatest frickin show on earth. They were supporting the this bloody non sense release on WEA in Canada. Lost it in an accident and I am looking for CD or MP3 version of it. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller????Please help. Thanx and cheers (with Vodka of course). Hey lets tour canada again, I would promote that show again here in a heart beat!
  • This Bloody Nonsense
    cuszynski[at] - Chris Uszynski, Amherstburg ONT
    6Jun2009 7:26 PM (14 years 180 days ago)
    Hi ALL

    Say Pat and the Boys in Windsor ONT, in 89 or 90 greatest frickin show on earth. They were supporting the this bloody non sense release on WEA in Canada. Lost it in an accident and I am looking for CD or MP3 version of it. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller????Please help. Thanx and cheers (with Vodka of course). Hey lets tour canada again, I would promote that show again here in a heart beat!
  • Aw, the list is gone!
    valeriepie[at] - Valerie
    13Nov2008 9:42 AM (15 years 21 days ago)
    Aw, the list is gone! I know it's been a while, but I was hoping. I'm not a fan of myspace and I wanted to keep tabs on the doings of Pat, etc. Thanks for all your work over the years, David. Long time no see.
  • 2008 tours/USA
    gret.ak.raft[at] - GiGi Kraft Juneau, Alaska
    2May2008 10:47 PM (15 years 215 days ago)
    Any Upcoming tours scheduled this summer in Juneau {At the Alaskan Hotel} or this fall in New York. I really miss the JBC.
  • Death Dentist
    jonathanburak[at] - Jonathan Burak
    8Dec2007 8:37 AM (15 years 362 days ago)
    Can anyone help me get a CD of the Bloody Nonsense album? All I
    really need is an MP3/AAC of the song Death Dentist. I will pay for
    either. Thanks,

    Jonathan Burak
    Quincy, MA USA
  • Harlan Ellison
    ejnels[at] - Erik Nelson
    22Apr2007 7:17 AM (16 years 227 days ago)
    Dear Pat --

    I have just completed the authorized (!!!!) Harlan Ellison documentary film, "Dreams With Sharp Teeth". See here:

    I would like to get in touch with you about your song "Harlan", for possible inclusion. Can you drop me a line? My contact information is available on our web home page, which is above.
    Erik Nelson
  • Long shot motel
    jesusblood[at] - Chris, Lancaster
    18Apr2007 12:42 PM (16 years 231 days ago)
    Hi Pat, don't suppose you'd consider playing a wedding would you? Me and my fiancee have been JBC fans since we met... as much as you can drink?
  • jbc-list
    woj[at] - woj
    11Mar2007 4:55 PM (16 years 269 days ago)
    so is the mailing list dead and gone now?
  • England visit & Brian Wilson schtuff
    rachel[at] - Rachel -- Los Angeles
    10Jan2007 3:51 PM (16 years 329 days ago)
    Dearest Mr. Fish, I will be in your neck of the woods in early summer for a couple weeks, and I am bringing my young nephew. I am desperately hoping you will be playing SOMEWHERE btwn 23 of June and July 6...he's 18 and impressionable and needs to see you play!

    I will bring Brian Wilson gifts as bribe --
  • Minneapolis, cold hear, warm butchers...
    s_iverson[at] - Suki in Minneapolis
    17Nov2006 9:25 AM (17 years 18 days ago)
    Why don't you come up and see us sometime!?

    ... we miss your Butchie-ways...
  • Hello!
    rominapituelli[at] - Romina /Bs As/Argentina
    11Nov2006 6:28 PM (17 years 24 days ago)
    Hello from Argentina, listen: I want to get WAITING FOR THE LOVE BUS Please tell me where can i do it, because i coluldn,t buy it by Amazon
    I think you´re Great!!
  • Come back JBC..come back!
    chedean777[at]-remove-yahoo,com - Carol from Southern California
    28Sep2006 9:17 AM (17 years 68 days ago)
    Where are you.....where are you my JBC! We miss you dearly...we need our doses! Come back...come back....come back...Please come back!

    It's pains me that JBC has diminished! It's like DEATH! You have no idea, how deep the cut feels!

    Forever my devotion to JBC!
  • Future tours outside the UK/Germany??
    wpas[at] - Jay, Perth Australia
    15Sep2006 5:13 AM (17 years 81 days ago)
    Any chance that the Jazz Butcher (solo or with any one of the conspirators) will get back to San Francisco or (less likely but Preferably) Perth, Australia in the near future? Although the CDs get me by it is always nice to see how it all comes together live and in person.

    Just putting my request in!

  • Missin' the Fish...
    Jonathanj[at] - Jonathan J/Calgary Canada
    6May2006 10:26 PM (17 years 212 days ago)
    Yo Mister Fish sir. Q.Q.(quick question)
    If you were to contemplate revisting Calgary or Canada, could you, should you, would you contact me prior to as I'd
    be interested in promoting thy show.
    Hope & trust all is well.

  • Hi
    kaiserheri[at] - Kaiser Heribert, Bavaria
    22Apr2006 6:29 AM (17 years 227 days ago)
    How about a gig in or near Munich - Recently I told my 6 year old boy about the best club-band ever ...
  • bloodyhell
    Sue.Bennett[at] - madmumsue MK
    21Apr2006 2:31 PM (17 years 228 days ago)
    I cannot believe the JB is still going strong. Hee hee I have all the original glass records!!!! That shows my age - went to gigs from 1983 when David J joined up. Stopped the gigs after a few years cos I went abroad and just bought the CDs. Thought you had all disbanded! Music still superfantisco - how about a gig in MK cos NPTON a bit seedy for an old gal like me. I forgive you all the humiliation I suffered as an innocent young thing back then! Bloody photographers!
  • Upcomig Gigs
    tonibuchi[at] - Toni, Bristol.
    1Mar2006 12:28 PM (17 years 279 days ago)
    Saw your recent list of upcoming gigs and couldn't see Bristol mentioned! What's that all about then?
  • Upcomig Gigs
    tonibuchi[at] - Toni, Bristol.
    1Mar2006 12:28 PM (17 years 279 days ago)
    Saw your recent list of upcoming gigs and couldn't see Bristol mentioned! What's that all about then?
  • Mailing list
    earlofaldgate[at] - Earl of Aldgate [at]-remove- Aldgate London
    24Feb2006 11:17 AM (17 years 284 days ago)
    I missed the borderline gig & mdm jojo's was far too short a set for my liking, please inform me of gigs and i will bring 2 new fans every time
  • stuttgart, dortmund, bielefeld
    susi.korsten[at] - dortmund, germany
    26Dec2005 11:35 AM (17 years 344 days ago)
    any chance to see you in germany again? any place, anywhere?
  • Ah, that explains it
    me again - Lancaster, UK
    28Nov2005 3:05 PM (18 years 7 days ago)
    Site turns a '[at]-remove-' into a '-at-' - which of course looks silly when you read it. So do I get on the mailing list now? Maybe that's a bit ambitious...
  • Well that's rubbish isn't it?
    jesusblood[at] - Lancaster, UK
    28Nov2005 3:01 PM (18 years 7 days ago)
    This mailing list banter doesn't work - the email address is just bunkum, I tried changing the '-at-' to an '[at]-remove-', but sheesh, life can be uphill enough without this kind of vertical slalom. Bah, hamburg.

    Does Pat ever play anywhere north of the Northampton? Only ever saw 1 gig, and that was in Dingwall's in 89/90 - good it was, although the crowd was a little aloof; I'd like to see 'em play again though.
    dufourelisa[at] - PARIS
    29Oct2005 12:01 PM (18 years 37 days ago)
    Hello PAT,

    it seems so long...

    when are you coming back in town ?

    see you soon

    good luck

    jean michel from Paris
  • They shoo horses don't they?
    gillian_[at] - Covent Garden
    25Oct2005 5:19 PM (18 years 41 days ago)
    Hmm, i seem to have been rejected by your mailing list, oh
    the misery of being snubbed by a machine. Anyhoo hope to
    see you at jojo's.
    Please feel free to send any random bolx, just for the thrill
    of making my poor heart sing & to salve the sting of
    boomerang emails.
    beer & skittles
  • gros manque
    30Sep2005 12:54 AM (18 years 66 days ago)
    just been on the site. downloaded some...
    so please to lisen to all these wonderful songs again.
    tell you what... lots of French people miss you lots.
    get your gears around Paris someday.
  • Is the mailing list still active?
    factus50[at] - Columbus, OH
    31Jan2005 9:30 AM (18 years 308 days ago)
    I've not received a posting in months. My attempts to post to it bounce back. Wassup?

  • back
    vanhaddock[at] - Marko van Haddock
    21Nov2004 3:42 PM (19 years 14 days ago)
    Evening, I'm wanting to resubscribe to the list now that I've fixed the old PC and my old e mail doesn't exist anymore. Good to see those old tribute mp3s up on the site, though a LITTLE embarrassed about my version. Ach I was young(ish) at the time...
    Pat, lost your email address along with everything else on my pc a year or so ago, hope everything is going swimmingly.
    Cheers, Marko
  • mailing list inquiry
    kris65[at] - Kris in Buffalo
    7Nov2004 9:24 AM (19 years 28 days ago)
    Haven't seen an e-mail in awhile. I may not be getting list mail as it could have something to do with my isp changing their name around. Please add me to the mailing list if that's the case, thank you.
  • update
    surfer_rosa[at] - Lancaster, PA
    30Aug2004 11:38 AM (19 years 97 days ago)
    Hey there.
    My band (which just reformed recently) is on the JBC compilation from 2000. Would you mind changing the contact on the site to this? (I'm in the process of getting rid of the pop-ups on the site.)
    Thanks much.
    -Carol of Fat Little Demons
    P.S. Please add me to the mailing list.
    5Dec2003 9:38 PM (20 years 21 hours ago)
  • How I lost religion and found the JBC
    jlundgren[at] - Scottsdale, AZ
    19Aug2003 2:05 PM (20 years 109 days ago)
    1991 While I was on a Mormon mission in Alabama. That was a good year. Nothing like listening to the JBC while driving down dark Alabama backroads and avoiding armadillos.
  • shirts - herbert lom
    29Jul2003 8:35 AM (20 years 130 days ago)
    anyone know where online I can find JB t-shirts?
  • I'd fish anytime... you know...
    vexeye[at] - Montreal, Quebec... CANADA
    17May2003 1:06 PM (20 years 203 days ago)
    Merci pour ces années de bonnes melodies! In fact, The JB are to me such a work of inspiration just like the Church (Kilbey, Willson-Piper and Koppes), Pale Fountains! I can definitely say I've enjoyed listening to the words and great guitar ever since the beginning. Thanks!

  • mailing list
    anita[at] - sheffield,england
    20Feb2003 10:29 AM (20 years 289 days ago)
    cant seem to get my details across 2 u for mailing list. just listened 2 draining the glass not heard any jb stuff since late 80's sold all my records 4 beer money and found it really hard 2 get hold of some early stuff til i came across this lp.brings back many a happy a time and really enjoyed listening 2 it. is there any plans 2 play sheffield.they were never away in the 80's.
  • come to lovely santa barbara - dwkirkwood
    19Feb2003 12:50 PM (20 years 290 days ago)
    it would be an exceedingly good idea for you fellows to expose idyllic santa barbara CA to your inimitable musical stylings and, uh, sensibilities.
  • live wordage
    s.p.owen[at] - wolvertonian
    30Sep2002 7:10 AM (21 years 67 days ago)
    Just read your review of wilson on six band night.
    am enamoured of your word usage and your love of the streets. My fave is Sharp darts, if this had been 1979 it would be an indie classic instead of getting lost in a dance culture thing. but anyway
    it's nice to see you still keepin' on mit the rockin'my crew helicopter are still scraping away.
    our fingernails are tough from all this hanging on
  • Mike G.
    7Oct2000 6:45 PM (23 years 60 days ago)
    Thank you for all the great music over the
    years. Its bands like you that make a lifetime
    impression. I want and need a signed something
    from the band. I can't find any cds I want,also
    I haven't seen you guys since you played the coach
    house in california where I live. Since all hope of seeing you soon or finding a copy of Distressed
    Gentlefolk is gone I figure I could purchase some-thing cool signed by the band to hang on my wall.
    Thank you, love you guys.