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Date: Fri, 07 Feb 92 11:12:51 CST
From: BEAULIEU-JOE <beaulieu[at]>
Subject: The Fish

Well, I spoke to Pat this morning. I wanted to find out if the rumors
about an upcoming tour are based in reality. It turns out that there will
be a JBC spring tour. He has been using a drum machine on all of the
European dates, but he thinks that he will be brining over a real live
drummer this time around. He says that he hopes that a drummer won't
make the tour too "rock and roll".

The tour should be starting up mid-April, and the first show will be in
Georgia(?)! I guess that the new album is being distributed in the
US by a company based in Athens GA, so that is where they will be starting
the tour. He is not sure of all he details yet though. He said to try
calling him this time next month, and that he should have all of the details
by then. He just got back from France, where he was recording a record for
a band called Chelsea (not THAT Chelsea!).

>From what he was saying, it sounds like he has been very busy recording other
peoples records for them.

Here is an entertaining tidbit: Shirley MacLaine's manager called up Pat's
manager and requested that he send her a lyric sheet for the song Shirely
MacLaine! I wonder if she is a fan or just condsidering sueing him.

More later...


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