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Date: Fri, 21 Feb 92 10:58:44 PST
From: 6500nag%ucsbuxa[at] (Naggi Asmar)
Subject: Condition Blue

Well, it's finally out domestically. I purchased a copy last weekend up
in Berkeley. I think it's a good record. When I first heard it a few
months ago, I really didn't like it. But now it seems to have grown on
me. BTW, I think I'm the only person here who still buys LP's because
no one has commented on the fact that "Monkeyface" is only on the CD. I
think the muddy production is only slightly improved on the CD.

I have to disagree with Arik about comparing "Turtle Bait" with "Best Way".
The latter, I think, is a great song, and as has been pointed, is really
excellent(!) live. "Bait" on the other hand doesn't really have much
going for it, is universally disliked and, as far as I know, is never
played in concert.


"Eggulous is digging the potatoes forever"

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