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Date: Wed, 1 Apr 92 23:20:21 -0500
From: lt503_424960[at] (Void where prohibited by law.)
Subject: JBC in MI

Does anybody happen to know when and where (and if) the Jazz Butcher will
be playing in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area?

Also, a local record store has this CD single titled "We Love You" and
contains three mixes of that song, apparently a Stones cover or so the
writing credit leads me to believe. The artist is simply listed as J.B.C.
Since it's out on Creation records it seems possible that this is the JBC
that we all know and love. But I have my doubts. The song isn't from
any albums I have and I'm 80% sure I've got them all. This in itself
doesn't mean anything but it just seems so atypical of Pat to not include
any bonus tracks other than remixes of the title song. Is this just a
case of a record store's misfiling or is this really an official Jazz
Butcher product?

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