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Date: Wed, 01 Apr 92 23:44:15 -0500
From: David A Whittemore <del[at]>
Subject: JBC in MI

> Also, a local record store has this CD single titled "We Love You" and
> contains three mixes of that song, apparently a Stones cover or so the
> writing credit leads me to believe.

yup. thats one that pat put out in 1990.
titled JBC so as not to label the Jazz Butcher a dance band.
_we love you_ is most definitely a dance cut, if you are
into that sort of thing. just showing that he can do it too,
i guess. hell, _peter lorre_ was a sort of dance track,
so you shouldnt be too surprised if you give it a listen.

snag it, there arent too many of them around.

"DJs the man ya love the most, love the most, love the most"

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