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Date: Wed, 8 Apr 92 22:46:44 -0500
From: del[at] (de l`abattoir)
Subject: 16 days

my friend scott passed on some things he learned from pat.

the tour:
pat is unsure how the audiences will respond to the anticipated "downer" set.
_susie_, _angels_, etc. there will be no elephants or drinking songs and
not as many older songs as in the past.
the second geetarist will be the guy who played the solo on _girls say yes_.
neither paul or alex green will be along this time.
the last show they do before the north american tour will be one in london
around easter.

pat has produced a french band named chelsea and he played saxophone
on 3 tracks of the new spectrum (sonic boom) album entitled _soul kiss_.

one to add to the discography:
a magazine from 1984 called: what a nice way to turn 17
included a 4-song sampler with the jazz butcher song _chinese envoy_.
david j also contributed an article on john cale to this issue.

"quality in sound"

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