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Date: Tue, 5 May 92 08:26:45 EST
From: SLIS[at]
Subject: da JBC tour

"fuckinggreat" is right.
not only a fine set, but a bunch
of really kind chaps as well.

i was a bit surprised pat fish
was so difficult to get to talk to.
perhaps it was just my own intimidation
problem. but he is quite the goof upon

nice suit. nice.

pinball with peter
and company
i will never forget.

exchanged addresses with peter/nick.
i am to find peter a job in the states
for after june 21.
hmm, but where?
i cant see the guy flippin burgers, but he
swears he would do "any job" and "anywhere"
hmm. have to think on that one.

damn good time.
see em if you can.
you wont regret it.


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