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Date: Tue, 02 Jun 92 10:59:25 -0500
From: David A Whittemore <del[at]>
Subject: Jazz Butcher

i agree entirely - pat (musically) has his shit
together, i think, and it shows. fuckinggreat set selection.

the in-stores are usually pretty fun, i have a couple recorded,
although the quality of those is iff-y.

the *real* shows, though are the best live JBC recordings
i have ever heard :-) honestly, most are very nice sounding
recordings. what i did was took the stereo signal from the
soundboard and mixed signal from stereo microphones live to DAT.
right now i have about 20 shows taped from this tour, and i have
another 10 days or so when they pass close enough for me to
follow again.


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