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Date: Sat, 13 Jun 92 15:08:17 CDT
From: davisonj[at] (John Michael Davison)
Subject: two things

Saw the JBC last night at Club Clearview in Dallas, which is a kind of
mini-Medusa's (for Chicago types) except with alcohol and no sailors. This
means that the JBC's sound was fighting against the sound of the two adjacent
rooms (both playing disco). Nonetheless, it was a good show.

* For trivia hounds, it may behoove one to know that Pat runs his
Telecaster through a Marshall Guv'nor pedal and a "Stage Tuner" pedal (I forget
who makes the tuner pedal...but it's the same company that put out a flanger
whose standard mode of operation was to invert the phase of the delayed signal,
making it weird among pedal flangers). Dooj is the only one who uses a
wireless setup. (Dooj is the bass player, if you didn't know.)

* The drum machine which was used by the Jazz Butcher when he went on
tour without a drummer was borrowed from Dooj. Dunno what kind it is. (No
drum machine is used on this tour, though. No keyboard either. Not even a

* Shirt prices: $14 for the two white T-shirts, $17 (I think) for the
black long-sleeve thing.

davisonj[at] {until August 21}

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