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Date: Mon, 22 Jun 92 13:50:36 -0500
From: del[at] (de l`abattoir)
Subject: there's a mad old boy asleep on my floor

hello everyone.

i caught the last couple of dates of the tour: new orleans and birmingham, AL.
the guys were obviously a little burnt out after having done the BIG loop
of north america. neither pete, the geetarist, nor nick, the drummer
have solid jobs to return to, so they were a little depressed.

nick more or less voluntarily gave $7 to a stranger while wandering
drunkenly around the french quarter in new orleans. the next couple of
days, band members would walk up to nick and ask to borrow $7.

in birmingham, after the show, a redneck-looking 40 year-old from the audience
came up to pete and drawled "son, you're too talkative, and y'all're too
flamboyant up on stage". if you had seen this tour, you know that pete
never moved, never spoke, and stared intently at his frets the whole show.

the somewhat anticipated solo tour doesnt appear to be happening,
as pat is leaving for home the end of this month.

pat and i have spent the weekend going over the live tapes, and he thinks
there may be enough to work with as source material for a live album.
he is thinking about making it more a documentary than a straight live album,
with bits of interview, in-stores and radio stuff mixed in.
candidate album titles: "been there, done that", and "the highlander".
(if you are ever in calgary, you must stay at the highlander hotel, btw)

at some of the california shows, there were violinists on stage during
_racheland_. if ANYONE recorded these shows, please let me know,
as pat feels those versions are essential for a live release.

prolly tomorrow i drive him up to chicago with the selected
songs so that he & martin can clean them up.
how many times *can* one listen to _angels_ without
throwing up? round bout 100 here, feeling nauseous.

"i am the devolio, smoyke lots ov marawinya"

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