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Date: Wed, 24 Jun 92 13:14:56 CST
From: <smtplink%Beaulieu-Joe_at_CHAPIN[at]>
Subject: Black Eg

Hi David.

So have things returned to normal yet? Are you adjusting to reality
fairly well?

According to Pat, Karel and Otto will be
appearing at the radio station for my one hour special on The Black
Eg. Thad (who does the show with me) and I have been working on
questions for the brothers, and have been collecting the various
rumors about the Black Eg, so that they can verify or dispel them. I
am especially eager to ask them about the large cult of fanatical "Eg
Heads" who follow them all around Europe, and to ask them about their
unsuccessful attempt at the Indy 500 time trials in their super-
charged "Eg-mobile". And what's this about Emil being in a
Ecquadorian prison? What fun this will be.

Hopefully, Pat will be able to pass the questions on to Karel and Otto
before the show on Friday, so that they can add anything else that
they want to talk about. One thing I was going to ask them about was
influences and kindred spirits, and I was hoping that you will have
given Pat a tape of Vergiftung (for Karel to listen to, of course), so
that Karel could play a tape of this hot new band he discovered in
Indiana while they were there for the Indy 500. Thad is really good
at designing and drawing, so he is working on a poster for me to copy
and post around Hyde Park in preparation for the show. If the
interview turns out really well, we will probably transcribe it, and
use the best parts for the quarterly magazine that WHPK puts out. But
anyway, I must get back to work now. Talk to you later...


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