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Date: Mon, 13 Jul 92 15:21:43 -0500
From: del (de l`abattoir)
Subject: JBC-list archives

due to overwhelming demand, all of the more interesting bits which
have been posted to the jbc-list are now available in one big file.

after the tour, when mr fish was relaxing in chicago, he had the
opportunity to go over this little document. he was chuckling frequently,
and said that it was more than he had expected from the list.
reading the section where we all tearing _turtle bait_ apart,
he yelled: "Lay Off!".

<a href="">to obtain:</a>
* ftp
* login anonymous (or ftp)
* use e-mail address as password
* cd pub/music
* binary
* get jbc-mail.Z
* quit

muchos gracias amigo alex vrx`tzyhkpty.
yes, this ftp site is about 6 time zones away. it took about 15 seconds
to xfer the file when i tried.

while i was in chicago, martin and pat and i went into the studio
to give the live tapes a preliminary listen. i got the impression
that a live release may not occur. the enthusiasm i saw as he was
sorting through the tapes here seemed to have faded when he heard
them on a bigger sound system. but, martin can work wonders in the
studio, so there still may be hope. anything to add, joe?
i havent heard from martin since i was there a couple of weeks ago..


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