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Date: 7 Mar 1994 11:52:46 GMT
From: krevis[at] (Kurt Allen Revis)
Subject: talk of references (Pynchon)

edwardc[at] writes:
>Oh... which reminds me of the _most obvious_ reference of all: Lot 49.

Ah! Is it really that obvious? I had actually heard "Looking for Lot 49"
long before running across Pynchon's _The Crying of Lot 49_. My friend,
who had read the book, must have thought I was crazy when I recited the
lyrics and asked "Does that have anything to do with the book?"
(As with most of the JBC's references, this one is pretty tangential.)
Still, I have to give the Butcher credit for introducing me to Pynchon.

Even more tangential Pynchon references might (or might not) be
"She's A Yo-Yo" and "Racheland". In _V_, the activity of yo-yo-ing
(riding back and forth on subways all day) and a character Rachel are
mentioned. The problem with this is that the actual songs seem to have
nothing to do with what's in the book, so it just might be a huge
coincidence. Or conspiracy...

Anyone else know of any literary references that I've completely missed?


"We could be ghosts and dance on pianos"

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