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Re: Male Bonding Through Spacemen 3

From: M.M.J. Fogel <>
Date: Mon 15 Jul 1996 - 22:33:44 PDT

On 15 Jul 1996, Doc wrote to Matty sayin':

> >On a totally unrelated topic, my new roommate is a big Spacemen 3 fan.
> >Well, we began to find some common ground guessed it, Pat
> >Fish. Seems, as many of the oldtimer's know, they were labelmates on
> >Glass (And good friends since).
> >The new roommate and I are hanging out now in similar fashion.
> Funny how that works out, donnit?
> Er, I've seen several Spacemen 3 albums in the bins at Rock Records here in
> Chicago, but at a loss as to which one I should buy. Any suggestions?
> Thanks.

To which I highly recommend "The Perfect Prescription" from '87 for the driving thrum of "Take me to the other side". (rumoured to be a great album to smoke up with, but whatever.) I also recommend checking out "Taking drugs (To make music to take drugs to)"

To pin down the connection more fully, spaceman-guitarist Sonic Boom is the one playing all that funky feedback through "Suzie" on Fishcotheque. Sonic also steals a line of the chorus for his song Angel. I know the line, but, that would be telling.

What I especially find neat about all of these little connections is how rare you hear about this comradery in the music industry, but Pat's music buddies (and occasional conspirators) were a diverse, eclectic group. I'm not going to go on ad nauseum about it. Anyone new here can always check out the website.

Well, Ed, this is starting to feel like a PSA (You know..."if you'd like to find out more about the Gettysburg Address you can visit you're local library...blah blah blah) so I'll sign off while I can...

> -Ed, Doc, ~~...but I still feel everything...~~


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