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Re: Jack?

From: Sonia Bovio <>
Date: Fri 26 Jul 1996 - 18:40:33 PDT

>Over on the Tindersticks list, some are comparing a band named Jack to the
>Jazz Butcher. Has anybody on this list heard Jack?

Odd little coincidence. When I was in the UK a few months ago I did meet up with Pat. We got to discussing vinyl hunting (an important part of my trip) and he pointed me to a record store off Tottenham Ct. Rd. in London. The sales clerk, who I gave much money to, was the drummer for Jack. Another customer was talking to him about his band and saying how great they were, so I inquired about his band and asked what they sound like. The drummer, named "Paddy" I think, said they sounded like Echo and the Bunnymen. So I bought a single (which I have yet to listen to...). I then asked about other record stores and he drew maps & such to other areas for me to spend. I thanked him and told him Pat Fish of the Jazz Butcher fame told me to go to his store. I wasn't sure from his non-reaction if the name meant anything to him or not.

  • Sonia
Received on Fri Jul 26 18:40:33 1996
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