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Pat The Insomniac

From: de l`abattoir <>
Date: Mon 29 Jul 1996 - 11:51:42 PDT

i spoke with pat last evening about what's happening post-JBC..

our conversation opened with pat saying "i'm sitting here doing what i didn't figure i'd be doing again - making a songlist". turns out that nobody told the spaniards that the JBC are no longer, and there is a festival on the island of Majorca on 20 Aug which could not line up Llyod Cole, so the JBC were contacted - and agreed. it will be a Pat/Max/Dooj/Gabriel line-up. pat is inclined to have his band learn a bunch of old stuff instead of having max learn the new.

as has been mentioned here, there is to be an ancient-era compilation
(order-able on-line from out next month.
its title is "Draining the Glass", as pat explain "coz that is what we did." this is the song listing:

	Jungle (the short one, for obvious reasons)
	Real Men
	Ptime (86)
	Domestic Animals
	Walk The Devil
	Nothing Special
	Betty Page
	Down The Drain

that's 20 tunes, which *still* leaves several omissions.

a NY outfit will be releasing a Creation-era compilation *perhaps* as a forerunner to a full US-domestic re-release schedule. the song listing is:

	Get It Wrong
	Next Move Sideways (yeah!)
	Sister Death
	Girls Yes
	The Word I Was Looking For
	Sumo remix (maybe)

Pat requests assistance in naming this compilation, so send me your suggestions and i will pass them along.
  • the new stuff ***

yes, it is offically Sumo Sonic. the tapes are in McGee's hands at Creation. pat intends to have parties un-familiar perform remixes just to see what will happen. The Macintosh video set which is found at the JBC website ( was filmed by Ben Greenaway, the son-in-law of David J.

pat described Sumo Sonic as "The Carpenters Sing Kraftwerk" one song has chanting in Chinese (which he demonstrated for me) and the chorus in Tibetan (which he is having some difficulty with)

btw - pat really enjoyed hearing that Sumosonic causes people to "run in the other direction".

it came up again about pat providing cassettes for reasonable compensation. i told him that the general feeling here was that $20 for a primo show would not be unreasonable. he was astonished. to help get this project rolling (maybe), i would like to get a quick show of hands:

        how much would you pay for the final JBC gig tape? it included max and alex. although pat claims it was not a good show, i said that simply due to its "historical" content, it would be an in-demand tape. let me know so that i can tell pat "see... X many people want the tape... you *can* make a little money off of those 100's of tapes in the guest room."

those people who keep asking when the JBC will tour the states again... if any among us are independently wealthy, the JBC would tour if their transportation and sustinance were paid for.

(waiting for that IPO to make me rich) Received on Mon Jul 29 11:51:42 1996

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