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Re: Pat The Insomniac

From: Arcane <>
Date: Mon 29 Jul 1996 - 17:53:07 PDT

de l`abattoir wrote:

> it came up again about pat providing cassettes for reasonable compensation.
> i told him that the general feeling here was that $20 for a primo show
> would not be unreasonable. he was astonished. to help get this project
> rolling (maybe), i would like to get a quick show of hands:
> how much would you pay for the final JBC gig tape?
> it included max and alex. although pat claims it was not a good show,
> i said that simply due to its "historical" content, it would be an
> in-demand tape. let me know so that i can tell pat "see... X many people
> want the tape... you *can* make a little money off of those 100's of
> tapes in the guest room."

Yikes... Did I miss something here? I'll admit that I haven't been paying a lot of attention to the list lately (thesis time is taking over everything else...), but I missed this general feeling. $20 for a TAPE!?! I don't know how everyone else feels, but I would be willing to pay that for a CD, but not a tape. Tapes are simply too questionable a medium, with too short a life span (I don't know about everyone else, but I would want this to last). Anyway, CDs are cheap to produce these days (even in small quantities), and I'm sure Pat would have the connections
to have it done. A fancy mastering job wouldn't be necessary (while it would
be nice to divide it into individual tracks, not doing so wouldn't make us
any worse off than a tape would). Basically, just have a CD pressing plant
slap the recording onto a disc.

I'm afraid I couldn't justify more than $10 ($12 at most, and only for an excellent show) for a tape.

Matt Received on Mon Jul 29 17:53:07 1996

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