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Creation era titles

From: Michael H Whitworth <>
Date: Thu 08 Aug 1996 - 06:20:44 PDT

Don't you think it would be nice for the title of the Creation era compi to echo 'Draining the Glass'? Not as in 'Glassing the Drain', but how about:

	Draining the Atlantic
	Flooding the Basement

Or to echo the Gift of Music / Big Questions titles, and anticipate the new stuff:

	The Gift of Sumo
	Sonic Questions

But then if he's aiming at a clear break, no mentions of 'Sumo' or 'sonic' are allowed. Various forms of closet also suggest themselves, 'Maggie's Closet' being a favourite.

	Bait of the Casement?
	Free Associations?


        Michael Received on Thu Aug 8 06:20:44 1996

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