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draining the glass

From: <>
Date: Thu 08 Aug 1996 - 09:09:35 PDT

Draining the Glass appears to be a UK import, but at the special price $14.99. The label is "Nectar" and the songs are care of "Fire records."
(So maybe Fire will re-releases those oldies...) It's got liner notes by
Karel Von Daemmerung of the JBC, as well as a nice drunk photo of Butch and Max. There are 20 good tracks, yet it doesn't include "JB-v-PM" nor "Soul Happy Hour." Oh, and I ordered it from RPM records
( I did go record shopping yesterday (out here in
NYC), and I didn't see it anywhere. It seems like it might be one of those things you'd have to look out for (although I did notice a restocking of "Big Planet..." "...Basement" and "Condition Blue...").  

Anyways, I think it's worth the price, I just wish they would re-release them all. Any word on the release of Sumosomic? or how about those bootlegs?  

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