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From: Gregor Young <>
Date: Sun 11 Aug 1996 - 21:34:11 PDT

First off, I'd definitely be willing to shell out a $20 bill with a fetching portrait of the queen (ie. CDN) for any top quality JBC performance. There's a few floating around the mailing list that I've managed to get my hands on through swapping (Paris, 1994; Santa Monica circa Big Planet; Boston 1990). Since I got these for simply making a tape in exchange, I'd gladly hand money over to Pat. Put me down for a copy of the last show (autographed naturally).

Name for the grand finale (which may just tie the JBC with the Beatles for most compilations)

"The JBC think you're being difficult too."

BTW, has anyone been able to download the Sumo Sonic vid clips. I have a Mac and related binhex compression software but several times I have been unable to get it to download. Received on Sun Aug 11 21:34:11 1996

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