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draining the glass

From: <>
Date: Mon 12 Aug 1996 - 07:12:51 PDT

I managed to pick up a copy in a CD store in Princeton for $13. Great disc, except for the conspicuously missing "The Devil is my Friend" (I guess that was a Big Time release). I would have liked "Hungarian Love Song" and
"Roadrunner" to be on there too.

I have a Mac and I couldn't download the Sumo Sonic clips either, mainly because it's set as a web page and not a download file, and it was too big to load all at once. Could someone E-mail the whole thing to me? Twould be appreciated.

Compilation title: "cult of the big blue love planet"


"We don't worship cows, we just like the sound they make"
Received on Mon Aug 12 07:12:51 1996

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