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Re: Draining The Glass

From: Mitchell R Dickerman <>
Date: Thu 15 Aug 1996 - 17:34:24 PDT

> By the way, does anyone on the list dig Animals that Swim? They remind
> me of the JBC a little (they sing a lot about drinking) and thier new
> LP, I Was The King, I Really Was The King, is one of the best things
> I've heard recently.

Yeah, Animals That Swim are a wonderful band. Definitely agree with you on a slight Butchie feel, with horns that REALLY complement the sound without dominating. Their first album, _Workshy_, is available domestically in the US and is equally enchanting.

Along the same lines, Jack is a band that reminds me a bit of Butchie and the Blue Aeroplanes at times. Their debut, _Pioneer Soundtracks_, is also domestic in the States.

Mitch Received on Thu Aug 15 17:34:24 1996

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