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Re: The Jack Rubies. (fwd)

From: M.M.J. Fogel <>
Date: Fri 23 Aug 1996 - 00:24:30 PDT

(I got a no such Address, but it may be my acquaintance Mark Tower of the Woodroes...)
(He's a big Echo and The Bunnymen and JBC fan)

Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 03:14:10 -0400 (EST) From: "M.M.J. Fogel" <> To:
Subject: Re: The Jack Rubies.

On Sun, 18 Aug 1996 wrote:

> Dear M,
> The JRs have TWO albums, in case you're interested, and both are on TVT.
> much, much better album) came out in 1990. Got 'em both at used CD stores,
> though I haven't seen either at stores in NYC since I picked them up years
> ago.

Sorry for getting back to you late in the week...I didn't realize they had an earlier release...I do know they were picked up when TVT swallowed some indie label...
> I too thought they had disbanded, but I remember seeing their name on a
> Village club ad within the last two years. Could've been another band with a
> knowledge of political history and none of recent rock's. Didn't get to see
> 'em though.

Well, if they were dropped from TVT, it would make sense that they may still be together. Look at the Bunnymen. They stuck it out. (Electrofixion<sp> aint the same though)
> And why do some people think that CULT OF THE BASEMENT is the best of
> the JB(C)? I've listened to it enough times to find it, well...tedious.
perhaps 'cause the aeroplanes backed up Fish so well...though I have to say that as of late, Waiting For The Lovebus is my fave (With the Canadian version of the Spooky EP taking a close second--it includes an all CA version of Sex Engine.)
> Mark


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