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Re: Love Bus

From: Chris Camfield <>
Date: Fri 23 Aug 1996 - 09:15:36 PDT wrote:
> >On Sun, 18 Aug 1996 wrote:
> >as of late, Waiting For The Lovebus is my fave (With the Canadian
> >version of the Spooky EP taking a close second--it includes an all CA
> >version of Sex Engine.)
> Jeez, I think Waiting For The Lovebus is probably the worst thing Mr. Fish
> ever did, though Condition Blue is pretty underwhelming also. Lovebus seems
> like the nadir of Pat's self-destructive Spacemen 3 adulation....
> I don't adore Cult Of The Basement, but I do like it much better than
> Lovebus or Condition Blue. I still gotta go with A Scandal In Bohemia for
> the #1 position, assuming Bloody Nonsense is ineligible because it's a
> compilation.

What? *sigh* (Should I be muttering "Oldtimers!"???)

I can't think of anything on Scandal that can even COMPARE to any of the three best tracks on Waiting (almost universally, I think, considered to be Whaddya, Sweetwater, and Ghosts). If you'd said Sex & Travel, I might think "hm, yeah, Big Saturday...".

Cult is pretty good. She's On Drugs, Pineapple Tuesday, the second version of Girl Go, Sister Death... mmm. I *like* it!

If you all you want a laugh, then maybe Scandal is better. (Ooh, flamebait! :) I just think that Pat can do more than write novelty/humorous music.


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