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Re: Love Bus

From: Ed Carter <>
Date: Fri 23 Aug 1996 - 09:50:17 PDT

Slightly fazed by using Netscape mail, I wonder if I've slipped back in time...?

Favourite albums! Let's have a heated debate...

notwithstanding what *I* personally think, I wonder about motive here. After all, I liked the JBC when I was but a stripling and NoveltyToons were a good thing. But I think things change. I have the greatest affection for Scandal in Bohemia, but that's not the same thing as my fave waxing...

Is there any danger that there's a confusion, or is there a genuine clique of novelty butch fans out there?

Not that nostalgia is a bad thing, although anyone who's watched me get drunk and play "Mary" by the Brilliant Corners obsessively without ever explaining why might disagree.

Can I be first to claim Sumosonic's debut album as the best?

ed Received on Fri Aug 23 09:50:17 1996

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