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Old-timers etc.

From: E.B. <>
Date: Fri 23 Aug 1996 - 12:29:59 PDT

>What? *sigh* (Should I be muttering "Oldtimers!"???)

Mmm, not so old. I discovered the JB at the time of Bloody Nonsense. Does that make me ancient??

>If you all you want a laugh, then maybe Scandal is better. (Ooh,
>flamebait! :) I just think that Pat can do more than write
>novelty/humorous music.
> Chris

It's not really a question of humor. I just think Pat was writing much stronger melodies back then, and with a lot more variety. I miss the "nursery rhyme" songs today, and I miss the "Caroline Wheeler"-type adrenalin. With recent albums, he has seemed to get into this jangle rut, where he plays a peppy little chord progression and then just fits-in-as-many-syllables-as-he-possibly-can-before-the-progression-turns-ar ound-and-starts-over. No melody at all really, just chords. And as I said before, I think the Spacemen 3 influence has been detrimental.

Not too excited about the prospect of Sumosonic, E Received on Fri Aug 23 12:29:59 1996

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