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The JBC: Musician to the stars

From: de l`abattoir <>
Date: Fri 23 Aug 1996 - 13:15:23 PDT


        "Things are moving incredibly quickly here"

Earlier this week, I fhad orwarded the Observer article about how the cast of the movie "Independence Day", while they were in the UK for the debut of their movie, made a point of looking up the JBC.


Incidently, the story writer is a friend of Max Eider's.

Right after Pat got off of the phone talking to the writer, Creation called with an "URGENT" message - Creation had an interview lined up for the JBC. Of course, Pat had just finished the interview, which left Creation collectively to scratch their head.


	'James Duval, who's Butcher adoration crosses the border of obsession,
	pestered (director) Roland Emmerich to invite the group's singer,
	Pat Fish, to the film's London premiere.'

"So there we were in the theatre, not knowing who had invited us, and we were fully expecting, as the curtain came up, to hear: (singing) 'Un-Friendly Spacemen'.."

"Come Friendly Spacemen", by the way, will be the very first SumoSonic single, b/w "Monks of Kung Fu". The second single will be "God's Green Earth"
(Nobody's Gonna Love You When You're Dead). If it comes to it, the third
single will be "Everything's Wonderful".


        "The album will be a bit yet."         

Creation had pencilled-in November as a release, but Pat thinks that is too optimistic. The "Independence Day" fuss *has* caught Creation's attention, and everybody wants the phone numbers of the stars.


        "Nope. They're ours"

Oddly enough, Mr Duval, upon finally overcoming his shyness, was able to finish Pat's sentences during their talks. He knew that the new project is SumoSonic, that he plays with the Strange Tractors. He also knew about the gig in Spain. Such things have only been mentioned here on the mailing list...


        "I think Jimmy's wired up"         

So, James, if you are out there, tell us - what were your impressions of the Majorca show? Speaking of, here's the playlist:

	Basement, Caroline Wheeler, ?, Pineapple Tuesday, Smith,
	Real Men, Harlan, Girlfriend, Bigfoot, Walk The Devil,
	Partytime, Soul Happy Hour, Rain, Zombie Love, Roadrunner,
	Sweet Jane, Part-Time Punx, Angels.

The show was video-taped by a local TV crew, and if Pat ever gets a copy to me, i will attempt to put up some video to the website.

My last post included a request from Pat for a title to the upcoming Creation compilation - Pat's decision is... "Excellent!"

In October, Pat will be in Hamburg, doing some guitar work on an album by the band called "Purelove".

Jimmy Octapus, of Octapus Records ("8 arms, 200 suckers") will be doing some SumoSonic remixes.

Eventually, over a number of decades, perhaps, the JBC *will* take over the world.

-david Received on Fri Aug 23 13:15:23 1996

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