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let the games begin

From: Gregor Young <>
Date: Fri 23 Aug 1996 - 13:47:33 PDT

Someone got this ball rolling and I'm gonna run with it.

A personal top ten (or so) list

1.Distressed Gentlefolk (w/ conspiracy ep)
2.Condition Blue
3.Big Planet Scarey Planet
5.Scandal/Sex and Travel (can't distinguish b/w them because I've got them
packaged together on the same CD.
6.Love Bus
8.Cult of the Basement

10.Bath of Bacon
11.Western Family (live in Canada and US)

The cassette of Bloody Nonsense with the great cover of Roadrunner would be near the top if compilations were included in this list. Edward's Closet, which I think is the only one I don't have, would be right at the bottom, since it was a pointless release which offered nothing 'cept a new mix of The Best Way (I believe).

BTW, those Sumo clips are crap aren't they? I'm beginning to shudder when I think what a Sumosonic CD could mean. Received on Fri Aug 23 13:47:33 1996

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