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For what it's worth

From: Jim Gibbin <>
Date: Fri 23 Aug 1996 - 16:21:47 PDT

My 2 cents (on a topic I don't at all mind discussing):

I tend to think of JBC material in terms of pre-scarey planet and post cult o' basement. Planet seems like the culmination of the trend toward personal and political self-destruction implicit in all Pat's early work. Cult was a throw back, and I cannot help seeing it as a ho-hum dead fish (sorry!). Condition Blue was a relevation to me--and it came as no surprise to find out subsequently it was his "breakdown" record. Love Bus and Illuminate have an entirely different karma: the writer has decided to stick around and see what happens. I think these last two are his best in every respect--which does not at all detract from the earlier priceless gems.

All the best Jim

"...I don't know what you think of this country but I know what it thinks about you
it took me half a bottle and a miserable decade just to bring this message to you, it's true..."

                                                Pat Fish
Received on Fri Aug 23 16:21:47 1996
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